Šlesers - Latvian grābējs or savior?

Lot LPP / LC leader and former transport minister and now MP Ainars Šlesers is preparing to become the mayor of Riga 6.jūnijā ongoing municipal elections.

"After 6.jūnija when I become mayor of a large policy change in the country. Riga will have a major role, and its impact on policy so as never before. Riga potential is not exploited. New York is [Michael] Blumbergs, Moscow - [Yuri] Lužkovs, but in Riga will Šlesers, "an interview in the" Business & Baltija promise politician.

But she and other communications are no less interesting, and occasionally even dangerous. The court, the Court finds that at least Šlesers have loudly said that last part is happening in 20 years of political life - coming to power, people will put their positions. Because it really has always been that every minister, political leader, has always tried to make it what we call the key items to be Savējie: the lot of very loyal and obedient people. Experience shows that a lot of landlords are often not relevant to the case workers in his organs had experienced in the sector concerned, educated, etc.. They need to ensure that such executives unconditional order to do everything by bosam need. Also, these cilvēciņiem it is beneficial because of their work, they are essentially being given to the market situation is often not the monthly fee.

Of particular note eksministra pakratīšana with tēvzemiešiem finger - if it is a member of Kaspars Gerhards change LPP / LC people in the Ministry of Transport, Šlesers, in the case will come to Riga City Council, will do the same with the TB / LNNK members.

First and foremost is already fairly short - when it will come to Riga Šlesers measured in a chair, he does not have special ceremonies tēvzemiešu šaliko instead of one, irrespective of what is now do or do Gerhardt. It Šlesers himself has acknowledged publicly. Second ... What's the Gerhard thus far has committed to - that ensured that the board member from office Passenger train to go Šlesers driver's son. The man, who was unable even to say how much is his salary, although it was measured in several thousand lats. (The question - for which all passenger train needed a marketing expert!)

It is noted that the present situation, the focus is reached directly Šlesers, however, such a system there is not one of Latvia's political organization and is ingrained to the point that a large part of the public already perceived as a norm, and it is sad enough.

Both the parliamentary mandate renewal, which provides immunity from legal persecution, and the desire to be closer to the home and action against corruption cases are in stark contrast with the pompous Šlesers declared conviction that the local elections as early as June 6, he will become the mayor of Riga. "My goal is to take over power in Riga", "I have no doubt that I will be the mayor of Riga", "my political ambitions, business experience and ability to attract investment would put me out of competition" - NRA Šlesers dižojas interview on Thursday. (Missing only leather girdles and pātadziņas: "You are not optional, you are my slave!")

If the "gas floor bulldozer" Šlesers truly "take over power in Riga", the corruption here probably declaring the same void as the Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs which he mentions as a "strong leader" model. Ministry of Transport of its iekopts octopus with all the "drivers' sons' is already promising to be transferred to the Riga City Council:" When I take over power in Riga, there will, for all those who are able to work in the municipality. Of course, I will put his people in positions! "And tak already made up that hall I will be no" right "nor" Left ", not fractions, not the coalition, but all the work for him" as a unified team. "

Why the link in Parliament to fight corruption, if the governor would cost dižs already after less than three months? Behind all lielmanīgās boast himself pasprūk biggest concern: "Any investigation before 6.jūnija be clearly seen only on the political order." So, still waiting for an investigation? Know the Edis?

If so, Šlesers probably happy piestrādātu not just about corruption apkarotāju Parliament, but, for example, for the external advisor or a consultant KNAB prosecutor's office. A double or neplīst - Saeima piesegs may prove to be insufficiently robust to time to seat Riga measured, rather than in a harder chair.

info: TVnet, Db.lv, Diena.lv

Saeima Members Rokāde

Today, its parliamentary seats to the Minister of their duties, the time left "New Era (JL) Members Einars Repše, Linda Murniece and Artis Camphor, while its mandate was renewed a former Finance Minister Atis Slakteris (TA).

The time until the JL members perform ministerial duties, instead of their parliamentary seats won Guntis Berzins, Igor Alexandrov and Madars Lasmanis who today put the Saeima parliamentary oath.

Guntis Berzins was born in 1938, has been the 8th Saeima member.

Madars Lasmanis born in 1979, the University of Latvia in 2005, he won a master's degree in natural sciences.

Info: tvnet.lv

Dombrovskis wants to regain people's trust in government

Prime Minister-designate Dombrovskis speech expressed the belief that public confidence can be recovered only through serious and honest work. "Give a straightforward answer about the situation in the country to take responsibility for the forecasts and provide the results of their work," said Prime Minister-designate.

"I'm an optimist, and I see that the Latvian economy is an opportunity to recover, but it takes both civil society and entrepreneurs, and all citizens to support, advice and shared involvement," acknowledged Dombrovsky.

"Latvia, this has a severe and serious context. But our country has been in the past. All of them have successfully overcome. In order to do well this time to have the following preconditions - political stability, a clear economic policy and the ability to consistently carry out the decisions taken. "

Dombrovsky members present indicated that the vote on the new government is the decision on how the country overcome the concentration of economic and political crisis.

"My proposal for action in present circumstances - a strategy first tasks of the team and working principles - you have known. I invite you to vote for the government's composition and things to do, "said Prime Minister-designate.

info: apollo.lv, picture valdisdombrovskis.lv

Bakke, once again, "izhēmojis" land

It turns out the former Chairman of the Saeima, "tēvzemietis» Janis Straume, at that time, became known for his Old Town apartment sales scheme elegantly circumventing taxes, there is still no peace in the operation of sambo property sector: last year, has since the beginning of decline in real estate, he succeeded in 1554 square meters of land Jūrmala sell for almost half a million lats - that is, more than 300 per square meter.

As the National Lursoft information, property in Jurmala, 10 Salmon Street, J. Straume bought in 2002. In June, it officially paying a 23.5 thousand lats. Six years later he sold it already for thousands of pounds 491.9 - two-thirds ownership of 327.8 thousands of pounds purchased in 1943. Butvillo Nicholas was born, but the remaining third of the 164.1 thousand lats - 1962. Ainars was born in spring.

The money received former politician, who is often cited as an example of good and productive life in different comfortable positions in public companies, useful. As demonstrated in his 2007. Officers of the declaration aizpērn he bought an apartment and garage, together paid more than 208 thousand lats. This amount was to Mr Straume 130 square meters of dwelling and garage close to Jurmala, Dubultu prospectus 62a.

Source: apollo

Prime Minister post in the TP raises Zalāna

TP Office of the Prime Minister has set Edgaru Zalāna. We neiecērtamies that Mr Zalāna is the only one we are prepared to talk about others, but they must be on behalf of LNT 900 seconds, said Mr. Segliņš. The new time is not yet officially named any names, but referred to Dombrovskis and Solvita Aboltina.

"I already have the desire to see a new party coalition, and it can be no question of Harmony Center or Civil Union," said the leader of the DSB. The political logic of forcing tilt of the TB / LNNK or SC, because the two together will not work.

TP is pārdomājusi if his "new faces" in government, but Mr. Segliņš words still did not, until they are certain sectors that will be placed in charge of the lot. Because he answered the question as to whether the ministerial positions will remain in the current Financial Minister Atis Slakteris and Defense Minister Minister for Health. "First of all, will post and then skatīsimies who it is right, I can see that the responsibility for the posts" said Mr Segliņš.