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Associations' For Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK 8 program. Parliamentary elections

What have we done?

Association together with all the patriots of Latvia reached the Latvia citizenship is not a zero option. Most of the occupants invade the property returned to the owner. The Constitution enshrined the status of the Latvian language and the citizens of an elected government. G. Coast government grew steadily during the recovery of taxes - the income from fuel excise in excess of current income. The budget deficit was not. Successfully launched to support small and medium-sized businesses, as well as specially assisted regions. Was achieved on the largest pension increase. The first time was the provision of subsidies to farmers to 3% of budget expenditure, implementation of a strict policy against Russia's pressure.

Current government ministers of R. Acorns and V. Makarova led areas enhances the efficiency of the EU funds environmental and regional development programs, achieving environmental improvement. Launched in support of housing purchase. Ministerial Ģ. V. Latvia Kristovska work has resulted in rapidly progressing towards NATO, the overcoming of past backwardness.

What we want to achieve?

Country life

  • Strengthening the independence of Latvia. Develop a Latvian Latvia.
  • Include in Latvia in the NATO structure in order to achieve security against possible external aggression or political pressure.
  • Facilitate the repatriation of non-Latvian those who came during the occupation and do not wish to enter the independent Latvian Latvian society. Promote the occupiers of terror resulted in a worldwide return to Latvian in Latvia.
  • Avoid Russian imperial circles supported Latvia hostile organizations.
  • Bring an international claim against Russia as a successor to the USSR, it compensated for slavery to take away the work of Latvian citizens.

People's lives and health

Our most important asset is the people living force. Catch up to Latvia to grow numerically large, healthy, smart and patriotic young generation, who's well-being to live a long life span without drugs, alcohol and other addictions. Therefore, we want to:

  • Raise children's benefits, with premiums kārtīgiem parents. To support economic and healthy family house construction.
  • Facilitate the patient's gait to the family doctor and specialists. Expand opportunities to receive free medicine and partially compensated for, especially in political retaliation and prolonged illness. Substantially increase the salaries of health workers, improve the financing of medical institutions.
  • Raise the pension for all, especially those who worked a lot in their lifetime.
  • Penalties, lasting less the freedom of the drugs and illegal alcohol merchants.
  • Ensure that enter Latvia and traded bad food.

Economic life

  • Developing production in all counties by providing state support for rural entrepreneurs and small business creators.
  • Supporting high-tech industries. Enhance the profit for investing in manufacturing.
  • Build a good path, wired and wireless communications networks throughout the country.
  • By reducing taxes, increasing their willingness to consciously pay.
  • Enhancing opportunities for the unemployed to resume work in supporting the training required by the professions.
  • Support the businesses that employ people with disabilities, young people without seniority, transferring the unemployed, people approaching retirement.
  • Ensure the Latvian peasants and owners of rural development.
  • Preventing forest plundering, improve timber movement control.

Education and culture in

  • Consistently make the transition to the statutory language in secondary schools until 2004. year.
  • Free text books for primary, low cost - secondary schools.
  • Increase of free study opportunities.
  • Raise national scholarships dedicated to students. Regularize scientists and university teachers' working conditions.
  • The government bonuses for good work of art books and the creation and issuance, an important theme of artistic solution for theater, sound, and beautiful language and care.
  • Regular state language proficiency examinations for all, serving the general population.

Security and law enforcement field

  • Increase salary police, prosecutors and courts. Get rid of the know-nothing, lazy-bones and kukuļņēmējiem.
  • Eradicating corruption at all levels of government, to achieve its apkarotāju independence.
  • Improve the safety of citizens.
  • Strengthen the Latvian army and the guards.
  • Ensure free access to all the sea, rivers and lakes.

Where ņemsim funds?

  • Fight smuggling. Collection of excise, customs and other taxes, as was at the time when G Beach was the Prime Minister and Mr. Zile - Minister for Finance. Special vērsīsimies firmly against the big tax defaulters.
  • Since the increase in business taxes and alacrity, the unemployed will become producers, tax avoiders - payers.

Published on 2002. On 23. July

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Political Alliance For Human Rights in United Latvia "Program 8. Parliamentary elections

We have three parties:

People's Harmony Party,
Latvian Socialist Party
and the parties' Equality 'union

We've become an effective economy and a fair social policy, social integration, and consistent with human rights.

We ourselves have not been compromised by corruption and involvement in an illegal privatization. We work in Riga and other local government leadership in addressing the problems of the right parties have built up a ten-year period.

It will reimburse the damage to the Latvian people ill, and unfair reforms, must be returned to the debt to pensioners, the poor, farmers, teachers, doctors, etc., which took place at the expense painful reforms.

The state must select prospects of industrial and agricultural sectors and give them lasting support.

Small businesses and companies that create high added value by using the scientific potential of Latvia, the income tax should be reduced to 10%.

Farmers - equal the production and marketing arrangements with the European Union Member States.

Our Government:

  • implemented a national program to create new jobs, reducing unemployment, the real two-fold
  • increase grants to the traditional agricultural sector and the guarantor of public procurement for local production
  • introduce a state monopoly on alcohol and tobacco products
  • establish the office of a minister of Latgale development

Social policy

National Social Assistance - the individual and sufficient to protect the poor people. Benefits to families with utility payments exceed 1 / 3 of their income.

We're on the personal income tax rates high.

We are against increasing the retirement age and discrimination against senior citizens - non-citizens.

Our Government:

  • increase the minimum wage and pensions to the subsistence minimum - 90 per
  • will determine the crisis subsistence minimum child allowance and other social benefits in the calculation of
  • health care budget will allocate 6-8% of national GDP.
  • determined by the free medical care, the minimum

Society integration

We are developing society, united in patriotism and mutual respect, where all of Latvia's residents, regardless of social origin, nationality, native language or gender will have equal opportunities.

Latvia ratified without reservation the fair and put into the General Convention on National Minorities.

Should be formalized in the Russian language in municipalities in which that language is the mother of at least 20% of the population.

We support the unconditional granting of Latvian citizenship to all aliens who wish to do so, starting with births in Latvia family members and citizens. Necessary to simplify the naturalization process.

The right to vote in local government - all the country's permanent residents.

We - the abolition of the political constraints of 90-year start of the parliamentary opposition.
Education, Science and Culture

The state is responsible for the multicultural society of Latvia heritage.

Our Government:

  • will provide state-funded secondary education in minority languages, even after 2004. On
  • educators and scientists to identify the national civil service wages and social guarantees
  • support the culture of sport and public health and upbringing of new generation

State, Foreign and Security Policy

Integration into the European Union will contribute to democratic development of Latvia.

Latvia's foreign policy - a balanced East and West, good relations with all neighboring countries.

Building a treatment for the integration of international security structures, will meet the new realities of global security policy.

Promotion of Latvia's integration into the East - West and South - North corridors.

Our Government:

  • foster co-operation with the Baltic Sea region countries
  • will simplify the visa regime and border crossing
  • reducing military spending, increase police and court funding
  • combat crime, to enhance public safety

Public Administration

We're about honesty and openness in government and municipal institutions, on citizens' rights.

Territorial and regional reform - the voluntary and public interest.

Jāpalielina elected local government financial autonomy and the role of public administration.

Our Government:

  • full implementation of European Charter of Local Self
  • launch a real fight against corruption, ranging from corruption in public administration

Published on 2002. On 26. July

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Latvia's First Party 8 program. Parliamentary elections

Latvia's First Party is a modern centrist and conservative values based on the lot, which will contribute to the cohesion of society to Christian values and spiritual foundations. LPP will support a socially responsible free market and entrepreneurship, will challenge all suffer negacijo undermining both the public and each individual's development.

LPP is the highest goal of each person's spiritual and material well-being as a result of the blessed work of God and respect for each other. Therefore, as the highest principle of LPP relies responsibility in front of God and man.

LPP calls for a broad public participation in major national decision-making, and relies on the primary task of assistance for pensioners, especially single, orphans of political retaliation and the disadvantaged.

LPP will facilitate the consolidation of the Latvian society between ethnic Latvians and Latvians, as between different sections of society.

LPP undertake to promote greater public support for the new and large families, including a higher child benefit allowances. GAP will promote changes in legislation that will ensure a stronger government support and protection for women. There is a need for the next 10 years, it would be possible to eliminate orphanages in Latvia, providing each child the opportunity to live in the family.

LPP supports public moral rehabilitation and strengthening, as well as the patriotic education of young people. Therefore, LPP calls for a special state program of work rehabilitation in society. LPP will promote healthy nutrition and lifestyle sportiska national youth policy for alternative means to reduce the influence of intoxicating substance use and crime.

LPP undertakes to respect the principle that in reviewing the budget, it is not permissible to save on social costs, particularly pension expense.

Material situation of disadvantaged populations LPP provides for the improvement of the minimum wage rises to the subsistence minimum. Health care system reform is to ensure better quality treatment and transparency of financial flows.

There is a need for state and local police cooperation model, which maximizes the public interest and to enable rapid response to citizens' applications for delinquency. Drugs have become one of the organs of law enforcement priorities. GAP believes that drug dealers with the law should be life imprisonment. LPP will facilitate the implementation of government programs in reducing drug addiction.

Latvia's foreign policy priority is the membership of the EU and NATO. Joining the EU is not an end in itself but a means to national economic growth.

LPP expresses support for the operation and the State President Vaira Vike-Freiberga's re-election.

GAP emphasizes that power should be people's hands, so should the oligarchy and economic groupings of political power reduction. GAP believes that there must be duplication of functions between ministries and other state administration bodies. Effectively prevent corruption and smuggling can only be based on qualitative rules and political will. It is to be completed administrative territorial reform to build a grow-capable territories.

LPP on a national priority to the following sectors of the economy, which further development is given special state aid: the first group - the sectors in which Latvia is internationally competitive service sector industries, including transportation, transit, port services, as well as banking and financial services. Then comes the information technology and other science-intensive industries as well as the forestry and timber.

The second group consists of industries that are traditional for Latvia: agriculture and manufacturing, tourism, fishing and fisheries. It is necessary to develop a long-term agricultural development strategy. Support for farmers to provide state-guaranteed credits to the farming industry to ensure the country with products produced in Latvia and to successfully compete with foreign products. LPP supports tax cuts. JSC Latvenergo is maintained as a state owned vertically integrated infrastructure company.

GAP emphasizes that it is necessary to facilitate national and cultural minorities in the value of conservation and development. It is necessary to increase public support for cultural infrastructure. GAP believes that it is necessary to promote the educational development of the system, which should educational institutions be able to prepare for local and international job market for relevant professionals. LPP will pay particular attention to raising the quality of vocational education.

Published on 2002. On 2. August

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Greens and Farmers Union program 8. Parliamentary elections

Latvian Green Party and the centrist party Latvia's Farmers Union set up an 8th Saeima election associations Greens and Farmers Union (office), are joining forces to strengthen the state and its people, to ensure a balanced and harmonious national development, natural and human interests.

Our priorities are as follows:

1. Comprehensive support for business, because it only creates prosperity of the country. It is necessary to suspend the national, regional and stigmatization of people and the gap is growing between wealth and poverty.

1.1. Our proposed changes in legislation, the fight against excessive red tape, financial assistance will create a more favorable environment for businesses, especially small and medium enterprise sector.

1.2. Regional funds will be expanded and will become an essential support for business start-up.

1.3. Paying special attention to ecological and environmentally clean production facilities. Support will be given to the Latvian energy, including biofuels production.

1.4. Review of tax policy, fiscal burden of making it easier for disadvantaged people.

1.5. An increase in funding support for agriculture and rural infrastructure (roads, elektrifikācijai, telefonizācijai).

2. We Stop the senseless experiments in the field of health. Increasing access to health care, will be done simultaneously so that each person could freely visit the preferred doctor. Will be improved for children and old people's health care, active personal responsibility for health. Each resident's personal account will be stocked by the health maintenance required funds.

3. Our social policy is the cornerstone of Latvian children's future. Will be increased support for the new, particularly large families, increased protection of children, avoiding that they find themselves in a criminal gang, and substance dependence.

4. We will promote a green vision of the world and way of life - that every citizen should have the right to a healthy and clean food, look after the environment. Need of public natural resources and landscape sites iztirgošanu big business representatives.

5. Develop public education system in Latvia, according to labor market requirements, to encourage educators and university teachers' salary increases on a systematic, ensuring a highly qualified faculty retention and recruitment to public schools. How izvrzam priorities for conservation in rural schools, improving them. Will be improved student loan system. Public procurement loans guaranteed by the State, by deleting the credits if the graduate has completed 3 years after the state assignment.

6. Shaping Latvia as a nationalist, pretty and powerful country, with the Latvian language as the sole national language and English as the dominant culture. We support the idea that only the Latvian nation has the right to determine the future of the Latvian state.

7. We will support Latvia's accession to NATO, but, by joining the EU, prasīsim principle of the equality of rights, exclusion of unequal conditions of competition for our producers, and any discrimination in the Latvian population.

Published on 2002. On 2. August

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People's party program 8. Parliamentary elections

Dear citizens of Latvia!

This paper describes the main points of the TA program to work 8. Saeima. The work plan is based TP electoral program, which includes both our values and specific things to be done. The election program of the TA, you can consult with you by contacting the nearest DSB regional chapter, by calling toll-free phone number 8000087 or via the internet

TP lines of action the previous Saeima identified the need to take the burdens of public administration sectors - agriculture, education, home affairs, finance and economics.

Our developed and successfully implemented tax cuts and budget policies, as well as the TP-up of teacher salary enhancement program, reminding us of the great responsibility to think about how difficult the work will continue.

Our political offer key points is to specify the formula for 3 +4.

Health. Wages. Taxes. The three tasks whose resolution mechanisms are clear and have the professional capacity of our ministers.

Unemployment. Education. Agriculture. Regional economic development. The four directions, which affects a range of macroeconomic and foreign-policy factors, and the results of which will depend not only on the TP, but also of our political partners, qualifications, aptitude and desire to address these concerns.


We believe that the health care system is unjust, ineffective and often ridiculous. It has to change.

Health care financing cancel unpredictable and difficult to administrate earmarked tax scheme. Health care must be stable, the direct budget funding.

State-guaranteed salaries of family doctors nodalīsim a separate budget item, to not affect the funding of patient examinations. Family doctor's salary will reach at least 250 lats.

In remote rural areas they will service the GP home visits.

Health Insurance system itself has not supported and must be eliminated.

Introducing a rigorous tendering procedure for public-funded medicines purchased.

Terminate the bull medication system.

Starting of the hospital building renovation and restoration program.

Based on our annual gross national product growth forecast of 6%, the subsequent four years of providing health care funding increase of 10% annually.


Continue the teaching staff salary improvement program to the next four years, again by half the average increase in pay.

Police will continue to increase, which includes the police salary increases.

By concentrating all the attention and efforts of health system reorganization, start the process of medical personnel and family doctors salary increases.

Create the conditions for growth in average wages in other areas.

The minimum wage increase over four years to 95 lats.


Completion of our finance ministers proposed tax cuts are passed both skeptics and the test of time and ineffective.

We are a continuation of this policy. More money for taxpayers, both natural and legal persons.

Corporate income tax will be reduced to 10% in 2004. year.

More money left to their own people. It is our tax policy principles.

We support the increased tax-free minimum citizens. During the four years it should reach 60 latu limit for each worker, saving 117 lats, but for families with three children from 409 lats a year personal income tax.
TP expanded electoral program also includes a number of other national development fundamentally important positions:
In joining the EU, we will require a subsidy to farmers in full, and production quotas for domestic consumption levels.

Work resourceful rural people by introducing the transport benefits.

Give farmers the possibility of early retirement from 55 years of age.

Will continue our momentum siltināšanu schools and school building repairs.

We have a professional army and the three-month compulsory military training for all.

We see the need for the three mandatory tests on completion of secondary school: in English, mathematics and history.

Improve the judicial process in order to ensure a simple and shorter in civil proceedings, and fairly quick decision-making.
These points do not, and does not address all of the TA program, but indicates our desire to to avoid a general, an empty slogan, and our willingness to continue to assume responsibility directly for the same difficult questions.

Vote for People's Party!

Published on 2002. 1. August