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2008. Autumn lot ratings

People's rating wears a lot, but popularity is growing SCP. The Prime Minister represented LPP / LC 3.7% of citizens voted, ForHRUL - 3.1, TB / LNNK - 3.1%, led by Sandra Kalniete Civil union - 2.5% of all Latvia - 1.5%. There is still a significant number of respondents unable to say his choice - 34.4% - 17.8% but be excluded from elections in Latvia, the fact the survey shows. LF director Aigars Freimanis growing support for the SCP is explained by early September occurred in the party congress, when that political forces were given greater attention. In turn, the TP rating gradual decline could be related to that lot as a "great horseman headless" because now it is not expressed in the leader. Also, they are not ministers have shown themselves so as to give a contribution party's popularity. Budget-making is apparent, Finance Minister Atis Slakteris, but only "after the Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis," concludes sociologist. He recalled that at the time the TA has had a strong right wing conservative nationalist party leader, someone had Andris Šķēle, managed political force, but now the picture has been lost.

PP gradually decreasing and the popularity of this batch of successive members Aigara Štokenbergs and Artis Pabriks newly established company to another party policy increasing the number of supporters is evident changes in the facts of Latvia in September's survey. As for the TA, the SCP would be ready to vote in 4% of the respondents. The leader is still the Harmony Center, which prepared to support the 10.9% of the respondents, the Greens and Farmers Union - 5.3%, the new time - 5.1%

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The State will fund a political party

Of the three the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB)'s political party funding models, the Cabinet Committee, supported the third option, which provides 100%, and in all the political parties financing the maintenance costs from the state budget, which in recent elections will be collected at least 2% of the voters votes.

Each voter's voice will be worth 50 centimes, and these revenues will be spent on the lot where their expenses.

Until now, the Latvian political parties were characterized by high levels of private financial sources, plus minimal state support for the campaign in support of public service broadcasters. This was done entirely dependent on the lot and manipulable from the private investors' interest, while often appropriate donation meant a lot to the equivalent post at the party's or the council, says a report prepared by CPCB in the Cabinet, while the funding helped to develop a model of parliamentary democracy in a similar manner to successfully operate the many other European countries, stressed KNAB superior acting Alvis Vilks.

"The people and the duration of unintelligible, because they have eyes like all the politicians are žuļiki and carrion, which is nothing to support it," was a critical meeting of the Interior Minister Mareks Segliņš. But the Cabinet of Ministers supports the sunburnt hot debate somewhat apslāpēja Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis said that the new model with the retroactive application of it is unfair, so the new funds will cover only the period after the next parliamentary elections or the 2010. November. "And neither cent previously," nobrīdināja I. Godmanis.

The two proposed models provided for either a private source of funding for maintenance of the lots, or 60% of public support for parties who have obtained at least 2% of the vote, as well as 2 hours of free broadcasting time on television and radio hour election campaigns. However, as showing the world the experience, full of party funding model from the state recognized as a classic and very successful, explained Mr Wright, but the Lithuanian Central Electoral Commission, even pre-printed posters. The new model introduction and monitoring of key institutions were nominated by the Ministry of Justice, not the CPCB, as was planned in advance.

It was also the suggestion that up to 1000 lats for individuals donated a political party due to personal income tax rebates properly. In addition, Ivars Godmanis sharply rejected the Finance Ministry objected to the effect that this means that residents of Latvia will be able to donate to other people's parties and obtain a tax reimbursement. "Obviously I know that everyone is keen metīsies donate Portuguese lots, but if this is supported by ministers, are not considered here bāzties to such insignificant matters," so I Godmanis.

By 2010. year provided for political parties in 100% financing model from the state budget required the introduction of 595 000.

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Segliņš could leave the office of a minister

Marek's Segliņš guiding new position also shared by the People's Party leader Aigars Kalvītis, who emphasizes that the office of chairman's M. Segliņš 18. For the Congress Party could become his successor, as well as department heads in support.

Segliņš could leave the office of a minister if their elected leaders about the TP Segliņš could leave the office of a minister if their elected leaders about the TP Segliņš could leave the office of a minister if their elected leaders on the TP

The court, which will be the outcome of the Congress are not proficient Segliņš could leave the office of a minister if their elected leaders about the TP gnozējami. As pointed out by A. Kalvitis with Marek's Segliņš election could still have problems "because of his becoming leader could also be effected retroaction. Pats M. Segliņš has previously emphasized:'s batch will be in force only to the decisions that the Board will be accepted, and he shall hear, but "I neklausīšu not Šķēlem not Lembergam, 18. For writes Day.

M. Segliņš has advocated that the election board of the case, he will not be invited to any of former chairman and after the Congress party to participate only in an advisory capacity.

TP chapters are being decided on the next chairman of the Interior and Minister of Mr Segliņam support already expressed by the Saeima fraction and the Riga branch. M. Segliņš officially endorsed him in Talsu department.

A. Kalvitis as potential successors without M. Segliņš, named the Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Riekstinsh and culture ministers Helēnu Demakovu. In turn, members of the TP region as seen by the candidates priekšsēža Andris Šķēle, MP Maris Kučinskis and Minister for Finance.

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Latvia's budget structure

The Ministry of Finance is preparing the national macroeconomic development scenario and the tax revenue projections approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Sector ministries prepare their budget requests for the industry, additional funding requests for priority actions, they are compiled and submitted to the Ministry of Finance to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Cabinet accepts the macroeconomic development scenario, tax revenue forecasts, budget priorities, the Ministry of expenditure ceiling for the coming year. All ministry budget requests and budget priorities are applied to the Cabinet of Ministers discussed and a decision on funding distribution is taken to the Cabinet of Ministers. The Cabinet accepts the law of the state budget draft and submit it to Parliament.

The Saeima shall examine the state budget bill in two readings and decide on both the revenue side, both on the expenditure side - the legislators have the right to modify any provision MK drafted the state budget bill.

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Greens and Farmers Union would not approve the current budget

Greens and Farmers Union (office) does not accept next year's draft in its current version - a lot today announced the government's coalition partners, parties' representatives' meeting.

"Our view is unchanged, and I do not know with whom it will end," the agency's statistics office said the parliamentary fraction leader August Brigmanis.

Brigmanis said that the government is certainly discuss with the unions. Lot realizing that maybe it is not possible for next year to increase salaries by 17%, but then it should be possible to increase by at least 5-7%, pointed Brigmanis.

ZZS board meeting tonight decided that may not support the draft budget in its current version.

Seeing ZZS insistence, the Prime Minister of the parties represented in LPP / LC parliamentary fraction leader Andris Berzins coalition council expressed Brigmanis start to build the same government.

Berzins agency BNS said, "to something, but Brigmanis common sense and is enough", and expressed his belief that the office but will support next year's draft.

Berzins also pointed out that, according to recent data, even in this year's budget pildoties much slower than was planned in advance.

However, differences are likely, the budget can fail to submit the Parliament in early October. People's Party (TP) Parliamentary Group leader Maris Kučinskis agency LETA has confirmed that only after the budget will be debated in government, it will be presented in Parliament.

Meanwhile, parliamentary behind some skepticism about politicians in next year's draft budget increases the suspicion that the TA in charge of the Ministry of Finance outlining the situation much worse, to allow time for palepoties with the national growth and to take a government office.

Kučinskis speech that called for "complete silliness" and said that the Prime Minister himself closely followed by each of the budget figure.

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