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The lot the ratings in 2008 (autumn) - the highest rating of Harmony Center

SC Rating month increasing at 2%. From 3.1% in September to 4.1% in October experienced a rise in popularity of Us. One of the greatest October ratings veiksminiecēm is LSDSP, which should be ready to vote 2.8% (September - 0.7%). "It is society's response to the crisis, it looks to the left parties, which has to be more associated with equality," Mr Eddie permits.

TP will continue to decline in popularity for several months. In August, and was supported by 4.5%, but in September there were only 4% of the respondents. Mr Eddie as one of the major coalition party apparent causes is that the time since Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis demisijas last year at the end of the TA is increasingly less determined by the agenda. "They have their own publicity and dimensions remained poor," argues sociologist. After the October rating table was still too early to judge how the parties affected by the new leader, Marek TA Segliņš into the chair.

Next is where to go. As a fact the director of Latvia Aigars Freimanis evaluate the People's Party (TP) the popularity of October, which dropped to 2.9%. Lot, whose ratings at the time of its establishment a decade ago has reached up to 25%, this is an all time low popularity score. At the same time, a growing number of those surveyed expressed willingness to vote for the Harmony Center (SC) - For those already in 12.9% of potential voters. In addition to SC from the parties represented in parliament today there still could re-enter the Greens and Farmers Union (6.0%) and New Era (5.1%), Latvia, the fact the survey shows.

The Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis led LPP / LC in October was about 4.5% of the voters to vote for TB / LNNK - 3.1%, led by Sandra Kalniete civil unions supported the 3.4%, while another batch Company policies - 3.0%. Sociologist Mr Eddie points out that now is the deep starpvēlēšanu stage - before the next parliamentary election is two years. Therefore, it is premature to draw any conclusions. But one is clear - Latvia lot electorate is not loyal, the only exception is the SC.

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