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People's Party of Latvia and Latvia's disrespect people

I was and am shocked about yesterday's TV3 broadcast "Nothing personal" broadcasted a story on the People's Party youth activist behavior against one of Latvia's sacred symbols - the red-white-red flag! Such blatant disrespect and bezgoda exhibition was not seen ever!

Latvia is one of the oldest and, according to other experts' views, the oldest flag. The Latvian flag have fought the hands of Latvian freedom fighters! Latvian flag is a symbol, that people have taken with them when traveling exile. With their hands we have stood at demonstrations before the Third Awakening in Latvia, we have participated in the Baltic route, and indeed in other ceremonies and special moments. This is our national symbol of unity, which reminds us of the history and shows the path to the future. All these are reasons to keep the Latvian flag, and honor treat it with utmost respect!

But nowadays it seems that some young deģenerējušos this symbol does not mean anything. Young people from the People's Party youth organization openly Latvian flag Trash is thrown out after being taken advantage of his interest demonstrational. Darbiņš Once completed, it is no longer been necessary. And on the dignity or honor expressions are not worried at all. Before the time to actively vicinājuši their hands, their slogans klaigādami, then - just to izsvieduši. Why the disrespect? Is it really nothing they had not been taught, or nothing, they are not holy? What they taught parents who were taught in school, and eventually all - what are the values propagate in the youth organization of the TA?

Here, let me mention that the party "godfather" of the cruise teicienu cretin who jāsasēdina posts, lobbied for self-interest. It looks like right here uzpeld several years ago, expressed his views on a corrupt state administration cornerstones - "all posts by cretin."

And yet I can not withhold the fact that most of it seems to good posts purchased "jampampiņu" increasingly atsēž your time well-paid positions in public administration. Broadcast was clearly shown that they are, what posts are occupied and what does. Unfortunately, nothing more than glib reservations on their part nedzirdējām.

Latvia's symbol - Trash! It appears that such is the lot's attitude toward the Latvian flag. Nebrīnīšos that the People's Party will have no stronger action, as the only publicly expressed denounce the pastrādāto!

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TB / LNNK afraid of confrontation

"I doubt if we will go to the confrontation, which also have not previously benefited. We can continue to do what it did until now, "said Jakrins, though acknowledging that the campaign will surely be shown on the potential risks of the various groups.

As for TB / LNNK videos, created a batch launched the campaign "Aid one!" And which many Russians consider offensive, Jakrins stated that it regarded it as discriminatory. The clip shows the problems with which Latvia could face.

Election campaigns will be carried out during different activities - from electoral lists to a variety of activities in the regions. For more information on both the election campaign strategy and tactics Jakrins did not want to speak.

TB / LNNK 10 board meeting. For a new post of party's secretariat - Deputy Secretary-General of the election campaign. In this role, the Governing Board appointed by the TB / LNNK Youth Division leaders, the Minister of Economy Kaspars Gerhard Advisor Jakrinu.

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People drop out of lots Uldis Pilens

From the People's Party (TP) withdrawing the popular Liepajas Uldis Pilens businessman, who has not been satisfied with the "orange" in several decisions of public decision.

Pīlēns was one of the best-known members of the TA in Liepaja and the past were sometimes mentioned as a candidate for public office. Below Pīlēna criticized the Government and managed by the LPP / LC representing Ivars Godmanis. However, the biggest - six - Ministerial representation in government is directly from the TA series.

Monday published an interview on "Business Days" Pilens said that was the last drop of macroeconomic stabilization and growth plan, which he found "humiliating tax package. He emphasized that during the decline in economic activity in the only step towards the government's business must not have personal income tax (CBA) a reduction of 2%. Even more, falling wages and rising unemployment, may not raise the value-added tax, expressed dissatisfaction with newspaper Pilens.

Questions to the economy are not the only ones concerned about Pīlēns. Dissatisfaction is also in relation to the appointment of several ministers in relation to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, "Parex Bank" and energy policy.

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