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Dombrovskis wants to regain people's trust in government

Prime Minister-designate Dombrovskis speech expressed the belief that public confidence can be recovered only through serious and honest work. "Give a straightforward answer about the situation in the country to take responsibility for the forecasts and provide the results of their work," said Prime Minister-designate.

"I'm an optimist, and I see that the Latvian economy is an opportunity to recover, but it takes both civil society and entrepreneurs, and all citizens to support, advice and shared involvement," acknowledged Dombrovsky.

"Latvia, this has a severe and serious context. But our country has been in the past. All of them have successfully overcome. In order to do well this time to have the following preconditions - political stability, a clear economic policy and the ability to consistently carry out the decisions taken. "

Dombrovsky members present indicated that the vote on the new government is the decision on how the country overcome the concentration of economic and political crisis.

"My proposal for action in present circumstances - a strategy first tasks of the team and working principles - you have known. I invite you to vote for the government's composition and things to do, "said Prime Minister-designate.

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