Bakke, once again, "izhēmojis" land

It turns out the former Chairman of the Saeima, "tēvzemietis» Janis Straume, at that time, became known for his Old Town apartment sales scheme elegantly circumventing taxes, there is still no peace in the operation of sambo property sector: last year, has since the beginning of decline in real estate, he succeeded in 1554 square meters of land Jūrmala sell for almost half a million lats - that is, more than 300 per square meter.

As the National Lursoft information, property in Jurmala, 10 Salmon Street, J. Straume bought in 2002. In June, it officially paying a 23.5 thousand lats. Six years later he sold it already for thousands of pounds 491.9 - two-thirds ownership of 327.8 thousands of pounds purchased in 1943. Butvillo Nicholas was born, but the remaining third of the 164.1 thousand lats - 1962. Ainars was born in spring.

The money received former politician, who is often cited as an example of good and productive life in different comfortable positions in public companies, useful. As demonstrated in his 2007. Officers of the declaration aizpērn he bought an apartment and garage, together paid more than 208 thousand lats. This amount was to Mr Straume 130 square meters of dwelling and garage close to Jurmala, Dubultu prospectus 62a.

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