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Next year the budget is approved in the Government

Country pamatbudžetā next scheduled revenue 3.69 billion lats, which is less than this year, when the framework was 3.81 billion lats.

State special planned for next year's budget tax revenue 1 669 000 000 lats, which is more than this year, when it was 1 435 900 000 lats, while the total extra-budgetary revenue next year planned 1 781 488 152 lats.

Government special budget expenditure planned for next year 1 557 201 803 lats, compared with 1 220 798 433 per year.

Subsidies to municipalities from the budget provided for 369 250 704 lats, but for grants to municipalities - 7 152 897 percent. Appropriations Reserve planned 5 000 000 lats.

2009 draft budget provides for a number of priorities. Resources to ensure the acquisition of EU funds are generally intended to 926.9 million lats, which represents 16% of total consolidated general government expenditure.

Pressing social problems, for example, 2.7 million lats in the minimum monthly wage to increase from 160 lats to 180 lats in 2009 to 1 January.

3.1 million lats for the country's social security benefit disabled since childhood, the size increase from 50 per month up to 75 per month with 2009 January 1, 2.3 million lats - Supplements to the family state benefit for disabled children to increase the amount of 50 lats up to 75 per month in 2009 with January 1.

71.6 million lats, down to the old-age pension premium to increase the amount insured per year, held back until 1995 December 31, all old-age pension recipients, regardless of the age pension size limit, from 0.40 lats to 0.70 lats to the 2009 January 1.

Provides for the necessary funds in pension indexation, as well as other social needs.

Compared with 2008, a bill on the plan provided for additional funding in previous years, the measures, including the following key measures: 21.6 million lats - the program "National defense, security and integration in NATO", 12.9 million lats - contributions to the budget, 68 , 9 million lats - Public Debt Management, 67 million lats - from 2008 1.septembra increased teachers' wages and salaries increase by 60 per of the full year.

Similarly, 22.3 million LVL - Latvian National Library project implementation, 2.6 million lats - Grants Liepaja and Ventspils airport domestic flights to ensure one million lats - new judges and court staff posts in the Administrative District Court, 1.2 million lats -- Agricultural Census 2010 and Census 2011 preparatory work and routine.

1.5 million lats, down free 1.klases ensure students 2008./2009.mācību in the second semester and 2009./2010.mācību in the first semester, one million lats - 2009 European Championship basketball organization for women, 0.6 million lats - the maintenance of prisoners, particularly in the implementation of an effective penal policy, the changes in the relative penalty, etc.

Next year the budget was established, taking into account a forecast that gross domestic product next year will grow about 2%, the annual inflation rate will be 7.6%, while the proportion of job seekers - 8.1%.

The Government today also approved the medium-term macroeconomic development and fiscal policy framework for 2009 to 2011. It is estimated that the consolidated budget revenues in 2010 will be 5.83 billion lats, but expenditure - 6.09 billion lats. The budget deficit is projected at 1.32% of GDP.

2011 consolidated budget revenue planned 6.26 billion lats, but expenditure - the six billion lats. The budget projected surplus of 1.2%.

As reported, the work on the state budget the government previously decided to reduce next year's cost of 10.67%, as well as about 10% by summer next year to reduce posts at government buildings. The Prime Minister has been frozen in order to pay in state capital.

Finance Minister Atis Slakteris (TA) considers that although it is now an economic downturn in the world has reached global proportions, it is important, what steps each country intends to reduce the impact of this crisis.

Next year the budget is built on the deficit, which is one of the incentive nature of the fiscal instruments. Similarly, it is essential to continued economic incentive measures in the tax legislation, as well as provide budget funds for the European Union (EU) funds to acquire and maintain the support of investment projects - all this is for 2009. Draft Budget, the Minister believes.

Although the government has strictly defined mathematically, their planning is not possible to carry out mechanically. Each budget program includes practical measures and the expected results, therefore, reducing the budgetary costs, it was important to use a functional approach. The Government was certainly nepakļaujamie reducing budget expenses, such as co-financing of EU funds acquisition, financing of social benefits and pensions. Only then at ministerial task was to assess the functions of his department and the possibility of them optimized, saving budget funds, indicates Slakteris.

He notes that one of the country in 2009. year's budget priorities to the EU funds acquisition, which will remain a pillar of economic development in the long term. Similarly, the budget incorporated a significant increase in spending in various social problems. For example, to the 2009 January 1, ensure the minimum monthly wage rises from 160 to 180 lats, a budget of 2.7 million lats.

Slakteris journalists today admitted that in between readings of the Saeima, possibly, could be forced to revise GDP forecast for next year - further reducing costs. Also, continued economic decline and tax revenues decline, the government probably already at the beginning of next year's budget will have to make modifications, they are adjusted according to actual situation.

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Latvia's budget structure

The Ministry of Finance is preparing the national macroeconomic development scenario and the tax revenue projections approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Sector ministries prepare their budget requests for the industry, additional funding requests for priority actions, they are compiled and submitted to the Ministry of Finance to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Cabinet accepts the macroeconomic development scenario, tax revenue forecasts, budget priorities, the Ministry of expenditure ceiling for the coming year. All ministry budget requests and budget priorities are applied to the Cabinet of Ministers discussed and a decision on funding distribution is taken to the Cabinet of Ministers. The Cabinet accepts the law of the state budget draft and submit it to Parliament.

The Saeima shall examine the state budget bill in two readings and decide on both the revenue side, both on the expenditure side - the legislators have the right to modify any provision MK drafted the state budget bill.

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Greens and Farmers Union would not approve the current budget

Greens and Farmers Union (office) does not accept next year's draft in its current version - a lot today announced the government's coalition partners, parties' representatives' meeting.

"Our view is unchanged, and I do not know with whom it will end," the agency's statistics office said the parliamentary fraction leader August Brigmanis.

Brigmanis said that the government is certainly discuss with the unions. Lot realizing that maybe it is not possible for next year to increase salaries by 17%, but then it should be possible to increase by at least 5-7%, pointed Brigmanis.

ZZS board meeting tonight decided that may not support the draft budget in its current version.

Seeing ZZS insistence, the Prime Minister of the parties represented in LPP / LC parliamentary fraction leader Andris Berzins coalition council expressed Brigmanis start to build the same government.

Berzins agency BNS said, "to something, but Brigmanis common sense and is enough", and expressed his belief that the office but will support next year's draft.

Berzins also pointed out that, according to recent data, even in this year's budget pildoties much slower than was planned in advance.

However, differences are likely, the budget can fail to submit the Parliament in early October. People's Party (TP) Parliamentary Group leader Maris Kučinskis agency LETA has confirmed that only after the budget will be debated in government, it will be presented in Parliament.

Meanwhile, parliamentary behind some skepticism about politicians in next year's draft budget increases the suspicion that the TA in charge of the Ministry of Finance outlining the situation much worse, to allow time for palepoties with the national growth and to take a government office.

Kučinskis speech that called for "complete silliness" and said that the Prime Minister himself closely followed by each of the budget figure.

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