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Saeima Members Rokāde

Today, its parliamentary seats to the Minister of their duties, the time left "New Era (JL) Members Einars Repše, Linda Murniece and Artis Camphor, while its mandate was renewed a former Finance Minister Atis Slakteris (TA).

The time until the JL members perform ministerial duties, instead of their parliamentary seats won Guntis Berzins, Igor Alexandrov and Lasmanis Madars which today toll Saeima parliamentary oath.

Guntis Berzins was born in 1938, has been the 8th Saeima member.

Madars Lasmanis born in 1979, the University of Latvia in 2005, he won a master's degree in natural sciences.


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Dombrovskis wants to regain people's trust in government

Prime Minister-designate Dombrovskis speech expressed the belief that public confidence can be recovered only through serious and honest work. "Give a straightforward answer about the situation in the country to take responsibility for the forecasts and provide the results of their work," said Prime Minister-designate.

"I'm an optimist, and I see that the Latvian economy is an opportunity to recover, but it takes both civil society and entrepreneurs, and all citizens to support, advice and shared involvement," acknowledged Dombrovsky.

"Latvia, this has a severe and serious context. But our country, there has been before. All of them have successfully overcome. In order to do well this time to have the following preconditions - political stability, a clear economic policy and the ability to consistently carry out the decisions taken. "

Dombrovsky members present indicated that the vote on the new government is the decision on how the country overcome the concentration of economic and political crisis.

"My proposal for action in present circumstances - a strategy first tasks of the team and working principles - you have known. I invite you to vote for the government's composition and things to do, "said Prime Minister-designate.

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Prime Minister post in the TP raises Zalāna

TP Office of the Prime Minister has set Edgaru Zalāna. We neiecērtamies that Mr Zalāna is the only one we are prepared to talk about others, but they must be on behalf of LNT 900 seconds, said Mr. Segliņš. The new time is not yet officially named any names, but referred to Dombrovskis and Solvita Aboltina.

"I already have the desire to see a new party coalition, and it can be no question of Harmony Center or Civil Union," said the leader of the DSB. The political logic of forcing tilt of the TB / LNNK or SC, because the two together will not work.

TP is pārdomājusi if his "new faces" in government, but Mr. Segliņš words still did not, until they are certain sectors that will be placed in charge of the lot. Because he answered the question as to whether the ministerial positions will remain in the current Financial Minister Atis Slakteris and Defense Minister Minister for Health. "First of all, will post and then skatīsimies, who is right, I can see that the responsibility for the posts" said Mr Segliņš.

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People's Party wants a broader coalition

TA still considers that there is a need for expansion of the coalition, but Mr. Kučinskis also said: "Enlargement is not possible, because it does not want Godmanis." TP and I will be the originator of new government formation. So far, not yet overcome the conflict between the office and the TA, which is the largest coalition party, and it may hinder the improved cooperation in the government. TP accuses green irresponsibility farmers, threatening the withdrawal of ministers, when their own representative for more than six years had led the farm sector. In turn, Mr? Brigmanis journalists, said that instead of green-farmers, but the President has first come to the ultimatum. "People's party had not been accustomed, that they are not they who determine the agenda, but the real power of leverage is the LPP / LC and Godmanis. He is always in front of the TA, which is therefore to develop a mechanism to be the first to the village boys, "admitted Mr Brigmanis., photo:

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Politicians are "chopped the head"

It raises the feeling that politicians are "chopped the head" - they think they will have to depend on the Latvian economy needed foreign loans and the entrepreneurs should not do much "flounder" in his column, the magazine "Capital" February edition of the room indicate the chief editor, journalist Maris Zanders.

He emphasizes that the community has always known the quantity of people who are not satisfied with going - no matter what Party to power. In turn, the notional middle and entrepreneurs love palamāt government, but most are too pragmatic and busy with their lives to Christ in depression.

"Bad news is that the confused and tired in recent months, joined by more and more entrepreneurs and so-so-prosperous people. And here blamed not only the operators' inability to adapt to drastically different economic situation in Latvia and the world, but mostly, however, the structure of power in treatment, 'says the journalist.

As an example, he invoked the notion of many minutes' this is a political decision. "

"It was as already understood what it is about, but most of these" political decision "makers, it seems poorly aware of the fact that they affect not only the ratings of political parties and civil service, but directly and realistically - the economy. It can not be that the economy is iedragājoši decisions, disregarding opposition by the statement that "it is necessary." Politicians risk their popularity, but traders - with their belongings, "emphasizes the Zanders.

"Capital" editor-in-chief stresses - may not be the way that politicians are actually chantage business, she said: other things, better than we already are not, therefore, will have a pieciest.

"If an entrepreneur as cynical attempts to tell that anything does not make sense, because the opposition is qualitatively the same" svak "if the power calls to the" better known than the unknown evil ", the businessman, of course, does not mest rock Saeima window, but are frozen in their activities, "indicates a journalist.

In his view, was just as cynical politicians call themselves entrepreneurs to the government by speculating with the Prime Minister of non-business community and is known as a technocratic government. But each has its own field of work, and businesses do not deal with political processes.

"If the perception of politicians and taxpayers hire managers, then I am hard to imagine a company, as a profound" soap "savārījis management on shareholder accusations atcērt: first, netraucējiet, secondly, if that - come to form themselves in our izstrēbt!" Highlights "Capital" editor-in-chief .

"It raises the feeling that politicians are" chopped the head "- they have the idea that they will depend on the Latvian economy needed foreign loans and the business may not go far flounder. It said, softball is in our hands, without this money, you also nogrimsiet. It is not even worth to be angry, and insinuate that neba ministers will be those producing the necessary money for the repayment of loan. Jēdzīgāk time should remind politicians intensely that, yes, the economy "heating up" the required money, of course, is necessary, however, is not it, that business without the money will be dead and the dead. "

As pointed out by Zanders, creating sensible taxes and other bureaucratic regulatory environment, operators can help no less. However, it is not, moreover, it is not only a much-discussed value-added tax rate rises. Unlike pledged not heard that the State Revenue Service should become less severe or recovery naskāks the repayment of overpaid tax. Abnormal state and local government purchases have remained.

"Bad to the fact that the conceit of copper connecting the confusion. Traģikomiskā politically well-round, even quite common to engage the operators started to complain that "the question to deal with both their promises, however, remains unchanged. Not because that power would suddenly become ethical or bailīgāka, but because it does not understand what is happening. What happens to the finances, budget, etc.. In other words, the assumption, coupled with uncertainty, what is going on, what to do, is one of draņķīgākajām combinations that can be imagined, "emphasizes the" Capital "editor-in-chief.