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Zatlers wants to understand the political parties

President Valdis Zatlers of intent, on Monday in Riga Castle By bringing all the parties represented in the Saeima management, is to ascertain whether they can agree on common action to restore public confidence in the Saeima and the Government. Talks during the president will want to hear each party's position and understand, whether they be reconciled to reach a compromise. V. Zatlers communications has stressed that public interest in this difficult situation, a primary, but as a government, as well as opposition parties' behavior during the last show that the political forces is more preoccupied with their own destiny possible early election context.

People's Party (TP) has proposed to amend the Constitution to enable it to yourself to dismiss itself. TP fractions chairman Maris Kučinskis hopeful that by Thursday, when the initiative for referral commissions will be decided by parliament, to succeed in obtaining more support. Currently, with the understanding of mere LPP / LC. TP on the negotiation of Riga Castle, which is designed to examine the possibility of forming a new government on Monday to keep one condition - to create something new, it is first necessary to the action plan arising from those tasks related to the economic revitalization and an agreement with the International Monetary Fund . "I am not certain that all who participate in the conversation, it is ready for such an action plan under the sign," said Mr Kučinskis.

TP Group leader also consider - if the President has in this situation has undertaken the initiative, then he should also be to "lead to a solution." Earlier, while izskanējis that the president of predicting a long conversation, but, according to Mr. Kučinskis think "we are now unable to afford long negotiations." It is felt that the political situation has reached a certain impasse. Presidents claim the package is also a call for a broader government, but the way how to reach it, it is not clear. The main thing that will determine the progress of the talks will be the President's V. Zatlers and Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis (LPP / LC) negotiations.

Chief Executive mood before going visiting and working in the dispatch of the notices indicated that he is determined to continue to meet government targets and does not resign. It seems I Godmanis demission is only possible if the State President V. Zatlers asked him to resign. But it seems risky possibility that the two high officials of the conversation that I Godmanis could depart, and then again to receive an invitation to form the government, since the coalition parties feel - demission is only possible if all parties have agreed on the creation of a broader coalition. Negotiations on an agreement should be directed by someone who theoretically should have invited the Prime Minister candidate. Moreover, the opposition and the office wants to see another Prime Minister.

Monday morning LNT program by 900 seconds, V. Zatlers stressed that now is not about government resignation speech. "We will be correct - we have a government, we have a government leader who is not demisionējis who does not have a pronounced distrust. We have Ivars Godmanis Cabinet. That we are now and we are currently working hard, "said V. Zatlers. Interview, he expressed great confidence in I. Godmanis, saying that it would be good if the government would be ten Ivars Godmanis. Visideālāk would be if we would have ten Godmanis and all of them would be government. Due to their working ability, with their understanding, "the Prime Minister lielīja V. Zatlers.

The conclusion of a new government could complicate the formation of the coalition and the opposition right mutual mistrust. Opposition parties do not wish to be skunk, and a high requirement, for example, that ministers should not be in government positions and are willing to play. In turn, the government's position points to a lot of willingness to change its policy, as demonstrated by the TP vecbiedra Gundars Berzins interview Sunday Independent Morning Newspaper. Instead, to evaluate the lot mistakes and opportunities to correct them, the TP agent warns President about the possibility of losing office - it can also refer to the treatment of TA, as president of part of the society is seen as the last straw. TP leader Mareks Segliņš on Sunday did not read the interview and was unable to comment.

It is the impression - as a coalition, the opposition, however, is mindful of how they might look like the eyes of potential voters early election context, and evaluate their actions in connection with the benefit of an election. State President in turn has led to understand that until 31.martam he will not disclose its plans for the dissolution of the Saeima, the priority is named in his tasks, which is also largely resolved in his decision. In turn, this puzzle may complicate plans for the lot, in the second half of March they had already decided on the candidate lists in local elections. At least the Riga City Council elections in New Era, LPP / LC, the Harmony Center, Civic Union has plans to delegate its leaders. If they will be included in municipal election lists, just as impossible as they are then delegated to the parliamentary elections, because the lists of candidates for the Saeima may have to cook soon after the local elections and the new domju meeting.

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The people and companies doing the People's Party

The allegation that the People's Party is the host Party, these elections are no longer neskanēs indeed, found the newspaper Diena, exploring the dynamics of the TP donations recently. Perhaps the first time in the history of the TA was not Treasury ieripojis not cost a single cent. Also last month, the donation was only one man - theirs Valmieras council chairman. Even before then will not brilliant. However, the TP holder Treasury Aivars Judge sees no basis for concern, and summarize: "The situation is normal, and we're ready for the campaign financially. We go very natural - so to speak, nothing special. "

With donations as bad as last year there has been for the last five years. TP was collected last year alone 121 092 lats (usually around 35 thousand and still collects a membership fee). The remaining large lot of background that is not the worst outcome, and the stable TP is the first three priorities, together with the opposition of the new times and the Riga City Council, represented LSDSP. Able, however the amount is roughly as large as last year spent lot of their operations.

"I do not think that the problem would be in amounts, but rather with the business confidence of the parties. West is contributing support for the idea, but I do not know of any operators who support the economic rescue plan. Why would anyone devoting a lot of the policy does not bear any benefit? "Said the TA has recently left a former member of the board and the large donor Uldis Pilens, who several years, a whole batch of donation Ls 22 500 lats. "I think they will be very difficult to collect the money."

Daily polled entrepreneurs, who previously donated large amounts of the party, largely confirmed that the TA intends to continue to donate. Visniknākie conversation with the TA Day is traditionally supported by the industry - dairy - current or former representatives. As the former Prime Minister Aigars Kalvītis (TA) before entering politics was a central Dairying union board chairman, they have injected a significant amount of TP.

However, the business short-term prevention of TA will not go bankrupt. So, unlike, for example, LPP / LC has never been just a lot of family "in which money Samet small number of persons. TA is characterized by its leading members, for example, A. Kalvitis business-related persons significant contribution, local managers and employee donations, family members and members voluminous donations and public company boards and councils of workers grants.

T urklāt calculations have shown that following an extensive collection of donations in 2007 as the party's coffers Reserve kept about half a million lats. Maybe the TP set aside for the poor outcome of the proceedings of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) avoid paralysis in front of the lot a short time and the economic crisis would force the middle to find a large amount. KNAB of "positivism campaign 'requires the state to repay millions of lats. Trial should begin in 2010.

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Center convinced of the need for a new coalition of Prime Minister impartial leadership

As stressed by association 'Harmony Center (SC) leader Nils Ushakov, the current situation requires a new coalition of Prime Minister impartial chair.

Ushakov and do not believe that the Government can create, "more this year already experiencing extraordinary parliamentary elections."

Politicians also indicates that the SC had also opened negotiations on the involvement of the coalition in Parliament, but talks with other political forces have not been started.

Politician claims that his political force is the basis for the extension or alteration of the coalition, because he needed a new coalition, formed after the new criteria and principles.

Ushakov confirmed that the SC involved in the government building, where the Coalition agree that the management will take over the reins non-premier, who will have the right to choose ministers, regardless of political affiliation.

info: leta, TVnet

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The Coalition Party is planning to expand

People's Party (TP) chairman Mareks Segliņš said that he, Latvia will have a new government, but nothing he was not opposed by the current heads of Ivars Godmanis (LPP / LC) and his work. Segliņš merely seeing "stīvēšanos" no-right opposition parties to join the coalition.

Also, LPP / LC co Ainars Šlesers admitted that the government is open to cooperation with other political parties, only to be understood that the political forces everyone to think about challenging issues in the country.

In turn, the Greens Farmers Union (office) President August Brigmanis stressed the need to form national reconciliation government, and dialogue with other political forces.

In turn, the Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK Chairman Roberts Zile said that the possible expansion of the coalition, however, overtook him, ZZS unwillingness to see the Prime Minister Office Godmanis. Also, in the Perspective said, TB / LNNK being at peace with the proposed national reconciliation government in coalition when it sees the Harmony Center. After Zīle said, the enlarged coalition would consist of "New Era", "civil union" as well as the party of the Company to another policy "Aigars Štokenbergs members of the Parliament and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Šlesers after the meeting indicated that the Zatlers was understood that the question of the dissolution of the Saeima encouragement, not the moment of its agenda, and it is vital that this difficult economic situation, the government and parliament to continue to work.

"Election atmosphere politizēs situation, but if the Parliament returned, it must be done immediately," said Šlesers.

Also, LPP / LC fractions Saeima Andris Berzins admitted that populism and radicalism is reduced only to new elections.

As reported, presidential press service released a statement of mass media, which Zatlers indicates that has not changed its position with respect to the Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers of the challenges to be met until March 31, otherwise he will still have the popular vote on the dissolution of the Saeima.

info: BNS, tvnet

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LPP / LC follow-up the People's Party stroke

Šlesers said that he decided to invite the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers to accept the decision to dismiss the Saeima in agreement with his party in the governing board and cut. He believes that the dismissal of parliamentary elections and the extraordinary delay is the only way to escape from the crisis.

If the Prime Minister will accept the lot Šlesers call, they sound in accordance with the People's Party's decision - to invite the president to dismiss the Saeima, with immediate effect.

Even before yesterday's evening, when the LNT news service talk live, LPP / LC parliamentary fraction leader Andris Berzins had indicated that the PP does not support the initiative of the Parliament early dismissal because Latvia can not afford "the luxury of the chaos in several months."

Info: TVnet,