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TB / LNNK feeding on centrāltirgus money

Riga Central Market (RCM) agent business, where big commercial area originally leased the company, which they then sub-leased, it is common practice, studied by the newspaper Diena. Their usefulness is debatable, since the commercial space for rent is the same Central task. RCT press agent John Basēvičs explained that the market was favorable to rent as soon as big companies in the area and "to the following principles are also other markets both in Latvia and the world."

The current arrangement is beneficial to both the number of political forces, who got a solid business with minimal risk, and possibly also serve for the current batch feed. Business registers serving companies Lursoft data show that for nearly ten years the market operated Harmony Center for the Riga City Council Group leader Mikhail Kameņeckis the past three years, one of the member associations of the new batch of a donation center Ls 5000. When, after the local elections in 2005 led the market came tēvzemieši, it soon became the business market in the current Justice Minister Gaidis Berzins (TB / LNNK). Just tēvzemiešu under the auspices of the chairman of the board became life-long employee of the N. Market Cibuļska. Currently, she is from their duties suspended.

Minister of short memory

How did you get the idea for the business market, Mr Berzins Dienai inability to remember. The lease agreement he partly owned company GIA won without contest as the market work by the principle - if there is free trade area, anyone can log in to the market, explained Mr Basēvičs. Information on free trade areas and elsewhere are not publicly available, it can be known only market in the administration.

Last year the firm GIA was more than 190 thousand lats high turnover. Market rents the company paid a 60 Ls 000, shows the company's annual report. Company profit last year was LVL 50 000. From unofficial sources Dienai known that KNAB from the market in the administration of the company izprasījis GIA-related documents.

J. Basēvičs explained that in some cases, a major trading area of the lease the organization of competitions. Already in 1998 the tender for an RCT in enclosed areas reconstruction and long-lease rights for 19 years, won the only candidate firm CN and partners. The company was founded a couple of weeks before the victory. Through the middle of its owner is one of the founders of Parex Bank, the current real estate activists with controversial reputation Juris Vanags, as well as a former lawyer, Parex Bank, Riga has said the current alderman M. Kameņeckis.
Both gentlemen have branded Movement N shareholders, and in 2001 rented for fifteen years, got the fish pavilion.

RCT former mistress Cibuļska N. Day interview before a couple of months said that while the market leader in on a couple of warehouses, in the majority of enclosed sales space belongs to private owners, which is leased from the market in the municipality-owned land. In fact, the market has managed Spīķeri six and five pavilions, only those on long time-limits for private hire. Besides the above mentioned companies are already the largest tenant of the middle RCM web site also referred to the firm Viar (dairy and food pavilion), Trade House Latgale District (it is associated with N. Cibuļsku) and Luto. The latter two companies are linked by a single owner - the general public unknown Anita Darzins.

Lease agreements with the listed firms closed for at least ten years. J. Basēvičs explained that the rental fee each year to review and approval of the board of three people. In recent years, the board chairwoman of the N. Cibuļska. How much charge of their apakšnomniekiem requires the big firms, markets and wring even knowing, because it was already commercial. Day found that rents are at least two, sometimes even three, four times higher.

"This practice is iegājusies since 90.gadiem, and we as a council can do nothing. Contracts are not impossible to breach, because they are closed up to 40 years. Pieļauju if someone bigger rentee comes with significant investment, then such lease agreements is worthwhile, "said RCT council chairman Suratina Balodis (TB / LNNK).

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The lot is indirect income - the Board and Council

If the economic downturn want to give your future, try to access the traffic minister Ainārs Šlesers (LPP / LC). Šlesers heart is wide, but the supervision of the Ministry - 15 state-owned enterprises. Of 93 members of that board 26 is connected with the LPP / LC - as members, advisors or donors.

As a result the average pension in 9800 for pensioners. Around 3500 teachers' loads. Increased salary around 2400 nurses. Sufficient for 2000 police paid. The same amount is spent on about 140 members of the Soviet state enterprises. Last year, their salaries paid at least 1.2 million lats. Why Godmanis negribas saving at their expense? Or because of all the parties to the majority of councils are seated LPP / LC members? Or maybe because of the nearly half a million legally leaves lots pockets?

Šlesers closest advisers in the range or Go to parties. Consider, achievers lauri Dripe. For several years, reliable pastrādājis Šlesers at the ministry last year Dripe Board Chairman of four companies (but he had five posts), the national bread together earned 77.8 thousand lats. Now he is a Latvian State Radio and Television Center (Center's) Board Chair. This is a more stable position than the boards, which usually change with change in composition of the coalition parties.

Center's Board chaired Godmanis spokesman Edgar Vaikule. This is nothing that undeniably cute Vaikule politics came from the news agency BNS and experience in business is minimal. But he has long worked in the GAP good and very hard - in parallel with these works Vaikule last year was also a parliamentary secretary in Parliament, Šlesers advisor, a GAP spokesman and has worked in the Riga International Bus Terminal Board (no longer). Vaikule believes his two higher education (political science and communication science), and the lengthy work of public sector makes him as entirely appropriate for the office.

Krisjanis Peters. Former MP, Šlesers former office manager, and facilitator of a close friend, the general public is known as the Riga airport manager. But he is the Chairman of the Board, not only there. Peters has worked in parallel with the Latvian Air, airBaltic, Privatization Agency, the State Information Network Agency (VITA) and the Center's board. Nearly 99 thousand lats.

Politizē of the Board

To get the service, should not be even close Šlesers facilitator. Caurkritušajai MEP Jevgeny Stalidzāns (LPP) was a place of Latvian road maintainer Board (LVL 610 per month), eksdeputātam and sports journalist Valery Karpuškinam VITA Board (LVL 199 per month). Postal Board appointed Integration Minister Oskars Kastens Adviser Anda Oak (LVL 855 per month), although the Secretariat only in connection with the post could be that the company is working both Latvians and Russians. Caurkritušajam Member, one moment Šlesers opponent Eriks Jēkabsons uzradusies place the Latvian Air Board. 4050 lats per month.

Board of Public Enterprises are not only safer, but they also better paid - and the salary ceiling higher and premiums may be paid by the councils can not. On Saturday the study shows that political argument - we have only the councils, boards of working professionals - is a lie.

Partijiska infiltration has begun and the boards. In most cases those in which most paid.

Ideally atalgotajā extremely well pelnošajā Latvian National Forest Board of Governors of the seven members of the board of the four are linked to parties.

The judge Aivars Caurkritušais member is from the People's Party (Ls 7011 per month on average), Karlis Boldiševicu (who is still one of the largest affiliate of Rural Development Fund Board) - a long zemsaviešu fraction of the employee (an average of Ls 6972 per month). The office is also a member of the board Modris Grantiņi and Andrei Brūvelis. Both monthly earning slightly more than 7000 lats.

All four are also the lot of the big donors - since 2002, when KNAB created in an electronic database of donors, Judge TP donation Ls 46 000, Boldiševicu LZS - Ls 29 698, Grantiņi LZS - Ls 22 860, Brūvelis LZP - LVL 3720.

Politicians associated with them or have the Privatization Agency Board of Governors - the Clouds Postman called Mikhail Pietkevičs (TP) and the former John Straumes Assistant Vineta Stolere (she also TB / LNNK Justice Ministry attachments Courthouse Agency Board). Latvia's Board of Governors headed by the TA lotto agent Arnis Razminovičs (he also managed the TA Finance Ministry of State property (VNĪ) board and remove the Diplomatic Service Board). VNĪ board chairman Maris Kaijaks is tautpartijietis (he is also the Latvian Air Board), Board Member Elmars Švedų is from office. Both are major contributors lot.

Riga Airport's Board, chaired by Peters, LVRTC - Dripe, Latvia's air traffic - tautpartijietis Marsan, Latvian Railway - Latvijas izbijušais path Minister Janis Krumins, and the board is Andrei Požarnovs (TB / LNNK). The RTA Board of Governors appointed tautpartijietis Valdis Dvinskis, Latvian Railway (which was headed by LPP / LC big contributor Ugis Magoni) board of works by Aigars Kalvitis (TA) and facilitator of the large batch Aivars Strakšas contributor.

Boards of politicization rate compared with the councils, yet is pure punk. By the same family names recur with amazing regularity absolutely unconnected areas - enough caurkritušo reveal the Saeima Janis Straumes or Charles Greiskalna income declarations. They are not the only "universal soldiers" - the Ministry of Transport to approve the Council's compositions are extremely similar, and they are not only members of the GAP.

Šlesers far from the only one who cares about us. For example, Kalvitis former press secretary Arno Pjatkins, adviser to John Rigas and former Dzanuškāns measured by the current Minister of Economy Kaspars Gerhard Press Secretary Inga Spriņķe - all proven to be less competent telecom professionals to be appointed to Lattelecom board. Kalvitis Assistant Vineta Šnore arranged airport board. Godmanis office manager Juris Radzevica led by the Latvian postal board at a time when it suffered losses of millions of lats, but now operates Latvenergo board. Adviser to the Prime Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Armin Sprogis (LVL 1,500 per month salary) operates the Latvian Air Board, Counselor Education, Culture and Welfare Juris Smits - LDz and Latvian Road updated the board.

Saturdays study shows that 27 public joint stock companies and the largest corporation with the state share (airBaltic, Latvia's Cellphone, Lattelecom) from more than 140 workers last year's Board members at least 91 are associated with the lots. Most of the LPP / LC (minimum 36), 22 with TA, 19 with the office, with 11 TB / LNNK. The opposition is represented by very small - can be found along with four other persons.

The only unpoliticised council is the Mortgage and Land Bank and the Latvian Maritime Administration.

For energy saving mode to open a debate on the Soviet depolitizēšanu become constructive, agreed to make what is not done until now - to calculate how many they made. The savings and is not "directly" the state budget, but would remain in companies for which they are in times of economic downturn doubtless delight.

Soviet wages paid last year at least 1.2 million lats. And it is only the tip of the iceberg, because the councils are also many local businesses.

It does not necessarily mean that politicians would not be good business managers, and therefore should not be councils. For example, the Latvian National Forest Board Chairman Anatolijs Gorbunovs was raised from the office, but the industry talking about their satisfaction. However, the large proportion of politicians and the wider profile makes it possible to doubt that the spot they got competence. One of the most notable is the fact that most of their corporate boards, which pays most of the big companies, where government regulations allow the Council to be 11 to humans and the annual salary exceeds 10 000 lats or Ls 900 per month. Often, this amount is paid for attending one meeting a month and picking the relevant documents.

"Of course, 11 people on board has been great," said the former head of the Latvian postal Gints Škodovs. "Enough with the five to seven, but it is already decided by the shareholder. I agree that the Board might have some party funding source. "

According to the Saturday study of Soviet and current board member since 2002, lots legally donated 453 thousand lats. But the real figures are higher, because many of them also donated before.

Anti-corruption investigators Delna in 2005 concluded that their donations to LPP represents 20% of all income, LZP - 17%, LZS - 16% TP - 15%, JL - 6%.

Low wages?

"Council is, of course, is needed. They are highly regulated wages that their qualifications are on a very low, too low. Very low wages at a very high qualifications. Wages are low, "said this week in TV debate, Finance Minister Atis Slakteris.

Slakteris about Soviet salary levels should be informed, as his adviser on Ingūna Gulbe appointed profitable Latvian National Forest Board, she is also the Rural Development Fund Board. Gulbe while giving advice on farming and finance ministers atima Slakteris tracking regardless of the ministry, and last year just for this post only earned 33 thousand lats.

Most council members' salaries may be Ls 900, but the board's chairman - Ls 1200 per month. Wage councils workers down, depending on size. The ceiling was established in 2002 Einars Repšes government to "rein in the anarchy that made the board, salaries, because councils already was gone very well rewarded", says the then finance minister Dombrovskis.

Politicians defending the members of the Councils shall make a responsible job, monitoring and informing the Board of his party for business purposes, and private councils are also well rewarded. Open was the former Speaker of the Saeima Ingrida UDRE after leaving the Center's board in early 2007: "The Council is a political formation, which itself does not accept any decisions, because everything before that is the coalition board. There are people who want to be puppets, and there are people who do not want to. My conscience does not allow to formally present on the board, really nothing is done. "

Godmanis politicized council does not remove, only on the orders of the board and the salary freeze in 2008 in the run-up to limit the salaries of the ministry representatives in the form of equity share holders, and was willing to consider (which does not do so) the number be reduced. "There is no reason to state-owned enterprises operate on the other basis than private companies. Moreover, it would also be a question of discrimination because the man is a politician, "said the Prime Minister spokesman Vaikule.

LPP / LC member of the board Andris Berzins Godmanis before the government called for the approval to withdraw from Soviet-politicization, because few businesses remained. "With this position we will remove sufficiently large shadow of suspicion from both the government in general, to create a more accurate picture of the society for its own purposes."

He was not the first. "The business domain is jādepolitizē." The 1997 proposed LC President Valdis Birkavs.

"On the one hand, politicians are sometimes paglābj from undue criticisms. On the other, - we have degraded the role of the Board. Although politicians can understand. They will be present everywhere, all aptaustīt. While things have to be divided - as it is called by one other politician, meanwhile, will be a political council, "said the PA leader John Naglis. Ten years ago.

Visaizņemtākais man

Šlesers advisor Liepins, which the Minister for the donation of a lot more than 65 000 lats, working seven works: Riga Freeport Board, the Latvian National Forest (LSF) board, is board chairman of Latvian post (LP), the airport, the Latvian road maintainer, Road Traffic Safety Directorate ( RTA), the Latvian State roadway. Annual income - 108 778 lats. Not too far away from Latvia's best-bearing state employee, the Riga Freeport driver Leonid Loginova Ls 10 934 monthly. Liepina owned enterprise grb while the construction of private Ozolniekos. Local story that he was actually conducting the work. He claims that doing so only at weekends.

Big tall husband to determine the status of men performing typical svītraino suit me expects the airport VIP area before the Council meeting. His business was started in seven of the Ozolnieki leaving for Riga. Eight were in Board meeting, 11 work in the office of the LP Board, the Airport, the seven meetings, day beigšoties around 21-22. "I as the president of the Board are held in all the time, my reference point is the Council meeting, the issue of paper, I shall at all times komunicēju with the governing board," he says. "I do not have to be ashamed about. All companies in which I work, make money, and I hope to post next year succeed pull profitable waters. "

Liepina case and is not liable for the incompetence crying - he has worked in senior positions in the press distribution (PLUS director, the press association, Director General, Daily Sales Manager) and the real estate business (leader Šlesers and Viesturs Koziola Salienas project for construction near the town of Jurmala highway). From there, "nailed the popular" Šlesers summoned him as counsel, and generous ziedotāja career public enterprises.

Liepins believes that politicized councils have their own advantages. "If someone has a party member, he has the responsibility of his party ahead of what he was doing, and the lot is responsible to their voters. If there will be a singer, a lawyer's lawyer, his responsibilities will only half - came, izrīkojās inadequate, leading to losses and resigned from the board, and what's next? "He says. "Yes, a driver might say, they are kept well-paid, but who refuses to go the same route and get there that you would have the confidence that you have confidence in the Party and the Minister or delegate. Well, go and get it up a level because there is a competition! "

Liepins reluctantly talks about the reasons why Šlesers chosen to direct him. Sometimes it sounds rather than as a source of profit, but pure altruism. "When Ainars told me to take over that post, was not happy. (..) But, knowing that at the time was politically Ainars hair hanging over, I did that, he held each Wednesday at was called the Ministry of Transport companies accountable should it deserves, "asserts Liepins. They did not Šlesers with friends, but he is respectful of Transport Ministers of family guidance and determination.

Painful experience

Until the privatization agency in 1994, the government was not even known how many businesses it owns. Transforming state enterprises on the stock companies, appeared in council and the board. Andris Šķēle first time the Government party requested a quota for the boards, and then it became a routine practice. Lists of members and confirmed the seats under the party's mass was divided coalition government cooperation council.

Along with the Soviet oppression was politicizing the suspicion that they use lots of black kasu supplement, namely, the wage boards seated in hand clearing the lot (unless there are no seat pārlaist the difficult times until the next attempt to be elected). There is no proven case, but the reflection is enough.

This former head of defunct LNNK Andrei Krastins in 2003 revealed that the company Ventspils Nafta (VN) during the privatization in 1997, three political forces - LNNK, Latvia's path and the Democratic Party Saimnieks - was provided for the fifth tranche of shares that get a private investor in VN Latvian oil transit (LNT). Percent would be 6%, DPS, and LC - by 7%.

From 1995. up to 1997 meetings of the UN along with the privatization of LNT joint consultants also participated in the political parties. Originally was intended that a party will not receive the same share, but they were allowed to recommend companies who buy the shares, and later in the sponsorship of political forces. LNNK excluded from the games, taking over the place in the Fatherland and Freedom, claimed Mr Krastins. This was not a classic case of the batch used for the acquisition of council money, but marked a scheme which it was created alongside the councils.

The second case was in 1997 Latvenergo stolen three million lats, which disappeared, assignment to the Bank Baltija debt offshore company in Liechtenstein. Culprit prosecutor's office are looking for šobaltdien. It is believed that the affair could have happened because it was the politicians involved, in what The unnamed "patron" who could be one of the organizers. At the time, was first raised the question whether corporate boards should be the politicians and what is their responsibility.

Lauris Dripe, Šlesers former advisor. Five posts in public enterprises: the RTA, the Latvian State Radio and Television Center, the Electronic Communications Directorate, the State Information Network Agency, the Riga Airport. The annual income last year: Ls 77 897
Edgar Vaikule, spokesman of the Prime Minister, LPP / LC press secretary. The four posts: Šlesers Advisor, Chairman of parliamentary secretary, the Latvian State Radio and TV Center's board chairman, board member of the Riga International Bus Terminal. Income: Ls 42 558


Krisjanis Peters, LPP / LC, a former member and leader Šlesers office. Seven posts: Chairman of the Council of the Riga Airport, Board

Latvia's air traffic, airBaltic, Privatization Agency, the State Information Network Agency, the Latvian State Radio and TV Center

Minister Counselor. Income: Ls 98 990


John Marsan, TP, a former Transport Ministry State Secretary. Eleven posts: Latvian Railway, the Latvian State Radio

and TV Center, the Latvian air traffic, the Electronic Communications Directorate, airBaltic, Bikernieki komleksajā sports base, Latvia's post, the State Information Network Agency, Latvia pathways, the Latvian road maintainer, SEZ. Income: Ls 89 612


Dainis Liepins, LPP / LC. Seven posts: Chairman of the Council of Latvian post, Riga Airport, Latvia, road maintainer, RTA, State roadway. Another operating board of the Freeport of Riga, the Latvian National Forest Board. Income: LVL 108 778


Juris Radzevica, LPP / LC, the Prime Minister Head of the office. Two posts: Latvenergo board and was the Latvian postal board. Income: Ls 47 255


Roberts Dilba, office. Three offices: State Ministry of Agriculture Ltd. real estate Chairman, Board Member of Latvenergo and State forests. Income: Ls 43 932


Karlis Greiškalns, TP, izbalsots 8th Saeima elections, now Valmieras council member. The five offices: Board of Latvia bingo, Latvian Railway, the State Employment Agency, the State Employment Agency, adviser to the Interior Ministry. Income: Ls 29 899


Janis Straume, TB / LNNK, izbalsots 9.Saeimas elections. Six offices: Member of the Board of the Freeport of Riga, the Riga is measured and the Minister of External Economic padomnie ks, board member of Latvia's post, at airports in Riga, the Latvian road maintainer. Income: Ls 80 105


Arnis Razminovičs, TP, a former parliamentary now Jelgava City Council Member. Three positions: Board member, Latvian bingo, National real estate Diplomatic service. Income: Ls 11 040

* All data taken from an official declaration of 2007. Last year's income included salary paid to public institutions. In 2008, probably a few posts have been changed

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The State will fund a political party

Of the three the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB)'s political party funding models, the Cabinet Committee, supported the third option, which provides 100%, and in all the political parties financing the maintenance costs from the state budget, which in recent elections will be collected at least 2% of the voters votes.

Each voter's voice will be worth 50 centimes, and these revenues will be spent on the lot where their expenses.

Until now, the Latvian political parties were characterized by high levels of private financial sources, plus minimal state support for the campaign in support of public service broadcasters. This was done entirely dependent on the lot and manipulable from the private investors' interest, while often appropriate donation meant a lot to the equivalent post at the party's or the council, says a report prepared by CPCB in the Cabinet, while the funding helped to develop a model of parliamentary democracy in a similar manner to successfully operate the many other European countries, stressed KNAB superior acting Alvis Vilks.

"The people and the duration of unintelligible, because they have eyes like all the politicians are žuļiki and carrion, which is nothing to support it," was a critical meeting of the Interior Minister Mareks Segliņš. But the Cabinet of Ministers supports the sunburnt hot debate somewhat apslāpēja Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis said that the new model with the retroactive application of it is unfair, so the new funds will cover only the period after the next parliamentary elections or the 2010. November. "And neither cent previously," nobrīdināja I. Godmanis.

The two proposed models provided for either a private source of funding for maintenance of the lots, or 60% of public support for parties who have obtained at least 2% of the vote, as well as 2 hours of free broadcasting time on television and radio hour election campaigns. However, as showing the world the experience, full of party funding model from the state recognized as a classic and very successful, explained Mr Wright, but the Lithuanian Central Electoral Commission, even pre-printed posters. The new model introduction and monitoring of key institutions were nominated by the Ministry of Justice, not the CPCB, as was planned in advance.

It was also the suggestion that up to 1000 lats for individuals donated a political party due to personal income tax rebates properly. In addition, Ivars Godmanis sharply rejected the Finance Ministry objected to the effect that this means that residents of Latvia will be able to donate to other people's parties and obtain a tax reimbursement. "Obviously I know that everyone is keen metīsies donate Portuguese lots, but if this is supported by ministers, are not considered here bāzties to such insignificant matters," so I Godmanis.

By 2010. year provided for political parties in 100% financing model from the state budget required the introduction of 595 000.

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The lot violations parliamentary elections

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (hereinafter referred to - CPCB) has completed a political party's electoral 9.Saeimas country. 9.Saeimas and 2006 elections were very important political organizations (parties) in ensuring the legality of financial activities.

On the one hand the people have committed a democratic choice, and agreed on the adoption of a legislative framework which provides for strict limits on political party financing and responsibility for these offenses. On the other hand KNAB is obliged to monitor whether the parties have been the actual conduct appropriate legal requirements. Political organizations (parties), the funding of statutory restrictions aimed at providing opportunities for the parties agreed to the conditions of electoral campaign and the voter will influence. Parliamentary democracy is the system to obey the law ensures legitimate expectation that all parties have equal opportunities and do not derive any benefits that are not available to others.

The inspection has found that several political parties have not complied with legal requirements. Major irregularities found:

Pabeidzot pārbaudi saistībā ar likumības ievērošanu 2006.gada Saeimas vēlēšanās, KNAB sniedz pārskatu par atklātajiem pārkāpumiem un veiktajiem pasākumiem to novēršanai. No 19 partijām un to apvienībām, kas piedalījās Saeimas vēlēšanās 2006.gadā:

  • 7 partijas sauktas pie administratīvās atbildības par politisko partiju finansēšanas noteikumu pārkāpšanu, tai skaitā 5 partijas - arī par priekšvēlēšanu izdevumu apmēra ierobežojumu neievērošanu, uzliekot naudas sodus kopumā 12 650 latu apmērā;
  • minētās 5 partijas vai to apvienības pārsniegušas priekšvēlēšanu izdevumu ierobežojumus kopumā par 941 492,32 latu;
  • ir secināts, ka partiju iesniegtajās deklarācijās nav norādīti ar vēlēšanu kampaņu saistīti izdevumi kopumā par 1 130 170,49 latiem.

Astoņu politisko partiju iesniegto vēlēšanu ieņēmumu un izdevumu deklarāciju norādītajā informācijā nav konstatētas neatbilstības likumu prasībām. Tās ir partijas “ Māras Zeme “, partija “ Visu Latvijai “, partija “Mūsu zeme”, partija “Tēvzemes savienība”, partija “Nacionālā Spēka Savienība”, partija “Eiroskeptiķi”, partija “Jaunie Demokrāti” un Pensionāru un Senioru partija.

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Politisko partiju saņemtie ziedojumi

Tendence rāda, ka lielākie saņemtie ziedojumi partijām ir tieši pirms gaidāmajām vēlēšanām. Bet paliek aktuāls jautājums, kā var nokontrolēt ziedojumus partijām līdzīgiem veidojumiem?