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The latest batch ratings

Latvia fact (LF) in January's poll was held after the January 13 demonstration, the Dome Square, which was organized by the Company to another policy. It also could be attributed this rise in popularity of political power from 3.4% in December to 4.6% in January. But alarming LF January poll news is that more than half of the respondents either have not decided on by vote, or to be excluded from the elections - 36.4% do not know about the vote, 17.8% go to the elections.

At the same time, the Greens and Farmers Union (office) rating has sunk to 4.0% by the fact the director of Latvia Aigars Freimanis explained by loss of office in the battle for county reform - Reform Party's position against the voter could be seen as posturing, recognizing it as hypocrisy.

Saeima's largest lots in January supports only 2.5% of those surveyed - have a similar rating of Civic Alliance and the coalition to existing TB / LNNK. Premjera lot LPP / LC 3.3% of citizens support. Mr Eddie says that the decline in Harmony Center (SC) The popularity of the somewhat acquired ForHRUL. SC support declines sociologist associated with the fact that "they were sitting long political hides, and simply waited for". It is possible that these figures are also affected by January 13 when "ieskanējusies Radicalization nots'.

January polls disturbing sense that more than half of the respondents either have not decided on by vote, or to be excluded from the elections, Mr Eddie sees similarities with the 1995 figures before 6.Saeimas elections that took place after the Bank Baltija crisis. The large number of undecided also illustrates the public order - calls for the consolidation of opposition parties. Can not exclude that it is expected from the government parties. Already reported, the fact that Latvia's survey of early parliamentary elections, 64.3% of those surveyed supported the dissolution of the Saeima, the coming months to be proposed in a referendum., Latvian Facts

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The people and companies doing the People's Party

The allegation that the People's Party is the host Party, these elections are no longer neskanēs indeed, found the newspaper Diena, exploring the dynamics of the TP donations recently. Perhaps the first time in the history of the TA was not Treasury ieripojis not cost a single cent. Also last month, the donation was only one man - theirs Valmieras council chairman. Even before then will not brilliant. However, the TP holder Treasury Aivars Judge sees no basis for concern, and summarize: "The situation is normal, and we're ready for the campaign financially. We go very natural - so to speak, nothing special. "

With donations as bad as last year there has been for the last five years. TP was collected last year alone 121 092 lats (usually around 35 thousand and still collects a membership fee). The remaining large lot of background that is not the worst outcome, and the stable TP is the first three priorities, together with the opposition of the new times and the Riga City Council, represented LSDSP. Able, however the amount is roughly as large as last year spent lot of their operations.

"I do not think that the problem would be in amounts, but rather with the business confidence of the parties. West is contributing support for the idea, but I do not know of any operators who support the economic rescue plan. Why would anyone devoting a lot of the policy does not bear any benefit? "Said the TA has recently left a former member of the board and the large donor Uldis Pilens, who several years, a whole batch of donation Ls 22 500 lats. "I think they will be very difficult to collect the money."

Daily polled entrepreneurs, who previously donated large amounts of the party, largely confirmed that the TA intends to continue to donate. Visniknākie conversation with the TA Day is traditionally supported by the industry - dairy - current or former representatives. As the former Prime Minister Aigars Kalvītis (TA) before entering politics was a central Dairying union board chairman, they have injected a significant amount of TP.

However, the business short-term prevention of TA will not go bankrupt. So, unlike, for example, LPP / LC has never been just a lot of family "in which money Samet small number of persons. TA is characterized by its leading members, for example, A. Kalvitis business-related persons significant contribution, local managers and employee donations, family members and members voluminous donations and public company boards and councils of workers grants.

T urklāt calculations have shown that following an extensive collection of donations in 2007 as the party's coffers Reserve kept about half a million lats. Maybe the TP set aside for the poor outcome of the proceedings of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) avoid paralysis in front of the lot a short time and the economic crisis would force the middle to find a large amount. KNAB of "positivism campaign 'requires the state to repay millions of lats. Trial should begin in 2010.

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Experts consider that public confidence can lead to seeing populism

Will sit at home and escape? It says no one in the Dome Square on Tuesday planned protest participant, already knows that the State President Valdis Zatlers will most likely neieklausīsies their call to dismiss the Saeima. Although public mistrust government has reached unprecedented proportions, formed a kind of vicious circle. Government and parliamentary activity satisfies only rare, but no one does not believe that change is possible and the alternative, a new generation of politicians entering, as the New Year speech urged the president, no.

The opponents of the dissolution of the Saeima stresses that it is now, holding an early parliamentary election, nothing remains the same. Support has fallen not only in governing parties, but also the opposition. There is a growing proportion of people who do not wish to go to an election or do not know about the vote. In December, a survey carried out by the Latvian fact the thought is already 55% of those surveyed. A large circle of supporters is not the new ones lots. "Over the past 15 years has created an emotional backdrop that all politicians are damnably and only Go to the troughs," aversion to politics is characterized by potential drifts from one company to another policy leaders and protest organizers Tuesday Vadims Štokenbergs, who last year dealt with a lot of new members searches . People who developed a successful career, aware that, by engaging in politics, the risk with it.

Political Scientist believes that most likely, significant changes in these protests will not bring. "It's something somebody sīksprādzienam be," says sociologist Aigars Freimanis. Just another serious escalation situations, such as problems with implementation may lead to changes that allow political Ivars IJAB. Until then, the company will continue to live in a politician - superglābēja expectations. Currently, it is also suitable for the soil, according to Mr Eddie. Last month the events created a place to populism.

If currently in power want to maintain their current positions, they have to think of how JUMP chasm between power and society. If they are not parliamentary elections, then it must have a number of very far-reaching decision. They include experts from government min-rooted change, a complete reorganization of public administration. But on the copper is not ready. "Everyone is aware of the need, but all are related. This is a huge organism, which, except for one organ, will begin in the internal bleeding, "says Mr Eddie.

V. Zatlers, asked to specify how he sees the opportunity to practice such a situation the public to engage more actively, through its press department answered uncertain. "It is important for young people - entrepreneurs, teachers, engineers and economists - to help and take action," according to the president, though without giving the recipe to make. He himself decided to stay in waiting lines - the dissolution of the Saeima V. Zatlers is currently not on the agenda, said she represented Ilze Rassa.

The court, though not all the protesters will require the dissolution of the Saeima, a part of voicing angry about their economic situation. A.Štokenbergs story that was originally planned for the Dome Square to bring about two thousand people, but if sanaksi all of their promises, the Dome Square will gather greater numbers of about 9000 umbrellas Revolution players. Participate made pledges of more than 20 organizations, including police officers, farmers, doctors, cultural workers, journalists and rights defenders.

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The lot the ratings in 2008 (autumn) - the highest rating of Harmony Center

SC Rating month increasing at 2%. From 3.1% in September to 4.1% in October experienced a rise in popularity of Us. One of the greatest October ratings veiksminiecēm is LSDSP, which should be ready to vote 2.8% (September - 0.7%). "It is society's response to the crisis, it looks to the left parties, which has to be more associated with equality," Mr Eddie permits.

TP will continue to decline in popularity for several months. In August, and was supported by 4.5%, but in September there were only 4% of the respondents. Mr Eddie as one of the major coalition party apparent causes is that the time since Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis demisijas last year at the end of the TA is increasingly less determined by the agenda. "They have their own publicity and dimensions remained poor," argues sociologist. After the October rating table was still too early to judge how the parties affected by the new leader, Marek TA Segliņš into the chair.

Next is where to go. As a fact the director of Latvia Aigars Freimanis evaluate the People's Party (TP) the popularity of October, which dropped to 2.9%. Lot, whose ratings at the time of its establishment a decade ago has reached up to 25%, this is an all time low popularity score. At the same time, a growing number of those surveyed expressed willingness to vote for the Harmony Center (SC) - For those already in 12.9% of potential voters. In addition to SC from the parties represented in parliament today there still could re-enter the Greens and Farmers Union (6.0%) and New Era (5.1%), Latvia, the fact the survey shows.

The Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis led LPP / LC in October was about 4.5% of the voters to vote for TB / LNNK - 3.1%, led by Sandra Kalniete civil unions supported the 3.4%, while another batch Company policies - 3.0%. Sociologist Mr Eddie points out that now is the deep starpvēlēšanu stage - before the next parliamentary election is two years. Therefore, it is premature to draw any conclusions. But one is clear - Latvia lot electorate is not loyal, the only exception is the SC.

Day, the Latvian Facts

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People's Party the largest drop in popularity

Today's batch is the biggest political loser, because experienced the lowest support for a year and the biggest fall in absolute power of the radiance to the top shelf sociologists views on a lot, which now is a "headless horseman". Their error correction and a commitment to "never do it" the promise of the People's Party congress. LNT program top10 decided to find out about it all think they are members of the lot, which is still run by the municipalities and their constituencies can see everyday.

Latvian facts "underlying socioloģiskajā study of how having a long list of voters, found that the shorter it is close to all political parties represented in Parliament, except for the Harmony Center. The largest drop in popularity experienced Orange political brand - the People's Party vessel, which was damaged in two storms - "Kalvitis second government" and the hurricane with the name "Loskutovs'

Aizkraukle District Beaver Parish oranžīgos paint colors. Here farming Borislava Ruta. She joined the Popular Party, in hopes that the current politicians in power will also benefit her small, part-2000 parish population.

And the hope of fulfillment?

Ruta Borislava, Beaver Parish President: "Well, no. Expectations rate until such time as the elections went. When the election ended, from 2005. On, I'm probably one of the invited to the meetings. But before the election is referred to as the Riga office, and information. "

Also lots of Aizkraukles possible next leader of the party mestizo meanders.

Ruta Borislava: "We were here in August book festival and I created a surprise that it was thought that participate Mareks Segliņš book festival as one of the ministers. He was refused. Said that as a small parish, where the information came to us inaccurate. He did not. "

But now the situation has changed. Three weeks before the party leadership election, he is present.

Mareks Segliņš traveling to the regions. Aizkraukle he has been for seven years. And this is the first time a Beaver Parish Council Chairman's possible future leaders meet on the spot the first time.

Mareks Segliņš, Minister of the Interior, TP: "I drove over to listen to you and answer all the questions that are of interest to you."

The meeting with party members throughout Latvia, Mareks Segliņš never on the campaign.

Mareks Segliņš: "To understand how the psychological condition of a lot to understand which regions of the members did so far and the party leadership to discuss how to work if I make a People's Party chairman."

After one and a half hour long conversation that takes place behind closed doors, it is over, Ruta Borislava is ready to elect Segliņš batch management position.

Ruta Borislava: "He is very komunikabls very demanding towards themselves and others and also open to the public."

Despite the fact that the Minister did not attend the book festival, Ruta Borislavai Segliņš always felt sympathetic. The same though can not be said for his party settlor. For her, Andris Šķēle last Congress acted in bad faith, and not all surprised by your question:

Adjacent District Jekabpils Salas parish operated Irena Sproge. Also, she is ready to support Mareks Segliņš, but he should be able to prove that the party would prevent old mistakes.

Irena Sproge, Salas Parish President: "You have no worth to him to accept responsibility and to repeat old mistakes." Sounds like Beaver parish colleague, also Irēnai Sproge it seems that the party leadership more likely to listen to members' opinions, which come up in the countryside. But she seems a lot has been penalized too severely.

Irena Sproge: "Quite a big part to play in either of the negativity of the campaign. Occasionally it is observed in the mass media. Criticism should be such that allow the mend. Criticize it for this man can repair things, rather than kill him. "

In September, the People's Party has seen the lowest voter support over the last year. Since the umbrella revolution pērnruden, it dropped three whole times.

At times, lost a lot of confidence in the Beaver parish leader, but pagastmājas Island Hostess believe the People's Party. Congress wants to hear her speeches error analysis and error corrections to hear.