JL does not want to get involved in government Godmanis

"We can not stop his work," said I. Godmanis. Coalition delegated by the Prime Minister to speak JL, presenting the government's vision for action to overcome the crisis. He did not rule that the government will be addressing the other opposition parties, but from him it was clear where JL is the first priority, a potential coalition partner for cooperation.

Prime Minister also said that JL coalition government is prepared to engage on an equal footing, nediktējot any provisions to the state would have a government that could perform an economic program. I. Godmanis nepateica clear whether the decision to extend the Government will continue the discussion on reducing the number of ministries according to those intended.

But JL is not ready to join the current coalition and the government insists on a new building, instead of the current expansion, the agency BNS showed Parliamentary Group Chairman Dzintars Zaķis. "Until the [Prime Minister Ivars] Godmanis no notice of his resignation, no speeches about the [new government] can not be," said Member, again indicating that the attempt to extend the existing power elite are as a "renovation".

People's servant, explained that his party sees no meaning to supplement the current coalition row, since there are already forces at its disposal and the thinking was not changed. "What we have already repeatedly said that ideally should be a new government after new elections. In practice, we see that there could be a new government, creating an entirely new coalition, "said the people.

Already into the the Prime Minister of the Government of the optimization plan intended to reduce the number of 16 ministries to ten. From individual coalition partners, the TB / LNNK parliamentary fractions driver M. Grīnblats found that the issue of reorganizing the government to the expansion has been postponed. He contended that by broadening the coalition and the formation of the five partners, the parties could agree on the ten ministers. Perhaps something will be reduced, but not less extent than expected by I. Godmanis, admitted Mr. Grīnblats.

I. Godmanis pointed out that pending an agreement on the expansion of government, the government will continue to work and immediately ķersies to public administrations (agencies, public SIA) of reorganization, substantially reducing their numbers. It would cost a real shortening of the apparatus of public administration, the workplace will be undermined in effect, the Prime Minister said and added that the government expects savings of 30 million.

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