People's Party wants a broader coalition

TA still considers that there is a need for expansion of the coalition, but Mr. Kučinskis also said: "Enlargement is not possible, because it does not want Godmanis." TP and I will be the originator of new government formation. So far, not yet overcome the conflict between the office and the TA, which is the largest coalition party, and it may hinder the improved cooperation in the government. TP accuses green irresponsibility farmers, threatening the withdrawal of ministers, when their own representative for more than six years had led the farm sector. In turn, Mr? Brigmanis journalists, said that instead of green-farmers, but the President has first come to the ultimatum. "People's party had not been accustomed, that they are not they who determine the agenda, but the real power of leverage is the LPP / LC and Godmanis. He is always in front of the TA, which is therefore to develop a mechanism to be the first to the village boys, "admitted Mr Brigmanis., photo:

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