TB / LNNK feeding on centrāltirgus money

Riga Central (RCT) agent business, where major commercial area originally leased to the company, which then leased its subtenants are common practice, studied by the newspaper Diena. Their usefulness is debatable, since the commercial rental space that is Central task. RCT press agent John Basēvičs explained that the market was favorable to rent as soon as big companies in the area and "to the following principles are also other markets, both in Latvia and the world."

The current arrangement is beneficial to both the number of political forces, who got a solid business with minimal risk, and possibly also serves as the current batch of feed. Business registers serving companies Lursoft data show that for nearly ten years of operating the market in the center of Riga City Harmony Group leader Mikhail Kameņeckis the past three years, one of the member associations of the new center party ziedojis Ls 5000. When, after the local elections in 2005 led the market came tēvzemieši, it soon became the business market now, Justice Minister Gaidis Berzins (TB / LNNK). Just tēvzemiešu under the auspices of the chairman of the board became life-long employee of the N. Market Cibuļska. Currently, she is from their duties suspended.

Minister of short memory

Where did the idea for the business market, G. Berzins Dienai inability to remember. The lease agreement he partly owned company GIA won without contest in the market by working on the principle - if there is free trade area, anyone can log in to the market, explained Mr Basēvičs. Information on free trade areas and elsewhere are not publicly available, it can be known only market in the administration.

Last year, the firm GIA was more than 190 thousand lats high turnover. The market rents the company paid a 60 Ls 000, shows the company's annual report. Company Profit last year was LVL 50 000. From unofficial sources Dienai known that KNAB from the market in the administration of the company izprasījis GIA-related documents.

J. Basēvičs explained that in some cases, a major trading area of the lease the organization of competitions. Already in 1998 the tender for the reconstruction of RCT in closed areas and continuing lease rights for 19 years, won the only candidate company CN and partners. The company was founded a couple of weeks before the victory. Through the middle of its owner is one of the founders of Parex Bank, currently the real estate darbonis with a controversial reputation Juris Vanags, as well as a former lawyer, Parex Bank, has said the current Riga alderman M. Kameņeckis.
Both gentlemen have branded the Movement N owners, and in 2001 rented for fifteen years, won the fish pavilion.

RCT former mistress Cibuļska N. Day interview before a couple of months, said that while the market leader in on a couple of warehouses, as most of the closed-trade area belonging to private owners, which the market is leased from the municipality-owned land. In fact, the market has managed six Spīķeri and the five pavilions, only those for long periods before a leased to private firms. Besides the above mentioned companies are already the largest tenant of the middle RCM web site also referred to the company Viar (dairy and food pavilion), Trade House Latgale District (it is associated with N. Cibuļsku) and Luto. The latter two companies are linked by a single owner - the general public unknown Anita Darzins.

Lease agreements with the listed firms closed for at least ten years. J. Basēvičs explained that the rental fee each year to review and approval of the board of three people. In recent years, the board chairwoman of the N. Cibuļska. How big a charge from its apakšnomniekiem requires the big firms, markets and wring even knowing, because it was already commercial. Day found that rents are at least two, and in some cases even three, four times higher.

"Such practices are iegājusies since 90.gadiem, and we as a council can do nothing. Contracts are not canceling because they are closed even to 40 years. Pieļauju if someone bigger rentee come with big investments, then such lease agreements is worthwhile, "said RCT board chairman Suratina Balodis (TB / LNNK).

Information from Diena.lv, photo from citariga.lv

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