Prime Minister post in the TP raises Zalāna

TP Office of the Prime Minister has set Edgaru Zalāna. We neiecērtamies that Mr Zalāna is the only one we are prepared to talk about others, but they must be on behalf of LNT 900 seconds, said Mr. Segliņš. The new time is not yet officially named any names, but referred to Dombrovskis and Solvita Aboltina.

"I already have the desire to see a new party coalition, and it can be no question of Harmony Center or Civil Union," said the leader of the DSB. The political logic of forcing tilt of the TB / LNNK or SC, because the two together will not work.

TP is pārdomājusi if his "new faces" in government, but Mr. Segliņš words still did not, until they are certain sectors that will be placed in charge of the lot. Because he answered the question as to whether the ministerial positions will remain in the current Financial Minister Atis Slakteris and Defense Minister Minister for Health. "First of all, will post and then skatīsimies, who is right, I can see that the responsibility for the posts" said Mr Segliņš.

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